Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How Times Have Changed

     I don't know how many of you are still out there.  It seems like ages since I have posted. As a matter of fact it has been since March 20, 2013.  Time does go by. I never really understood how a rather busy blogger just stepped away and poof.  Just disappeared.  As a reader it felt kind of like getting dumped.  We worried about each other.  As big as this world is the blogging community seemed small.  I had blogging friends from all over the US and Canada.  It was my daily routine. Read and check up on what was new on the blogs.  Write and publish my little story.  Keep up with friends. Then, poof.  I just stepped away.......
     I kept wanting to come back and put a finish on my blog.  To tie ends up. To be able to have the blog put into book form with the other volumes I had.  I hate to leave anything unfinished.  Here is my attempt at the conclusion.
      Life changes. Circumstances change.  People change.  It is never stagnant.  Due to changing circumstances I found myself the only caretaker of the farm.  I realized that the farm was really my dream.  I always wanted to be exactly where I found myself.  I loved Maine and the farm.  I brought along friends who thought they wanted the same thing.  I don't think they really knew the work and energy it took.  I tried to make it work. It just wasn't possible.  No way to do all of the work and work a full time job too.  I had a few losses.  For someone who loves animals this just wasn't something I could deal with.  I blamed myself. Animals require constant care and supervision.  I just couldn't do that anymore.  I would rather have the animals go to a good home than keep them and not be able to provide the care they needed.
     I found a fellow nurse who wanted to move to the woods, raise his three daughters in a lifestyle that would give them the the appreciation of a simple way of life.  He bought land, built a log home and he and his wife home schooled their children.  They were now ready for animals.  The chickens, guineas, turkeys and goats went to their new home.  I was happy that they would get a good home and it would help a fellow nurse and homesteader get a foothold.  The sheep went to a farm further north in Maine for fiber.  It was painful to see them go.  The barn was so quiet.  Too quiet.  It broke my heart to come home and not have the farm sounds.  It was painful.
     The kids were able to find an apartment in New Hampshire so we loaded up the truck and moved them to the city.
     Now it was exceedingly quiet.   It really made me miss the animals.  I stayed busy inside updating the bathroom.  Painting and cleaning.  The yards were a two day mowing session.  I enjoyed my quiet time.  I grew as a person.  Became more self reliant. Realized that I was happy.  I could go and visit the kids as often as I wanted.  The hospital kept me busy.  Life was good.
     As I have said in the past, make plans.  I did. I planned on remaining single, happy and drama free.  Well we all know what they say about our best laid plans.....
     I know God has other plans for us.  Just when you think you have it all under control life takes a complete 90 degree turn.  Through my neighbor I met a co worker of hers.  We seemed like a perfect fit from the very beginning.  He loves the outdoors, is a Maine Guide, hunts and loves to ice fish.  We have been inseparable from the very beginning.  He has a strong sense of self, cares about others and seeks to make me happy.  We are perfect for each other.  We both have grown children. Everyone gets along.  He has taught me to ice fish. We go 4 wheeling, sledding.  Anything outside.  We found that we both had dreams of going to Alaska.  We took a trip last January to Fairbanks.  What a wonderful 2 weeks.  We were married in the little town of Tok. Yep. We did it!
     Now to our future.  I sold the farm.  A wonderful multi generational family has moved in.  There will be children and grand children. The barn will have horses and chickens.  There will be sounds again. Life.  The old girl needs that.
     My husband and I are moving to Alaska in the spring. We will start another chapter.  As I look back on my life I see it in chapters.  In a hopefully long book with plenty of adventures.  Yep, we are off on our adventure.  Life changes.
     This is the end to my blog but not an end to the book.  I wish you all the very best. It has been an adventure.  I have learned so much in this chapter.  Thank you for listening, your comments and input.  When I'm old and the end is near I will have so much to look back on and reminisce.  And now for the last time....            Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.

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