Monday, March 2, 2009

Smoke Signals

Hello everyone. I hope all is well and everyone is happy. I am doing much better. I have my splint off and am trying to use a relatively useless arm. I am able to type now using my left hand but it tires easily. I have tried to keep up with the blogs and truly enjoy reading them. I went to visit my daughter, Sue, in NH. This is her new shop location. Smoke Signals, 3 Main Street, Dover, NH. The old building was falling down.

She has a whole wall of roll your own cigarette tobacco. when I was a child the only people who made rollies were old men in the south. They had yellow fingers from the tobacco. Now, they even have filters. I don't smoke but am amazed at all of the "stuff" that there is to carry.

She has this center display with all kinds of pipes, bags, pipe cleaners, on and on and on.

This is the walk in humidor. I didn't know there were so many cigars.

This is a hookah display case. She carries so many different types of hookahs. She has even started a hookah smoking lounge. It is a place that friends can go to and sit around a hookah and smoke different flavors of shisha (hookah tobacco).

This is one section of the hookah lounge. I have never smoked a hookah before. I think I would probably get sick. Customers seem to like the friendly atmosphere. I had a great visit. I got to run the cash register, albeit one handed but customers were very friendly. Take care. Much love from Mainely Ewes Farm.