Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Meat Birds

Each summer we order Cornish Rock X chickens.  They are excellent meat birds.  Easy to raise and ready for the freezer in about 12 weeks.  We try to make our birds as happy as possible.  However, I think we may have given the boys a little too much freedom.  They had outdoor space and made use of it.  They were walking in and out, chasing each other and doing push ups in the indoor gym.  Well, maybe not quite doing push ups.  They were still more active than birds from the past.

Time came to visit West Gardnier Beef.  We loaded the birds up and took them for their last ride.  We take our birds off to be dispatched.  We have found it is worth it.  So far we have not had any problems with predetors.  (knock on wood?)   Freezer full enough for this next year. Average weight is about 8lbs. 

Wonderful fried chicken for supper.  One bird will feed the two of us for about 3 nights with a wing or two for lunch.  Have you ever heard of a pulley bone?  Do you cut up your chickens or do you buy pieces? 

We are very thankful for our birds.  We treat them very well and provide a good life  for them.  In turn they provide for us.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm