Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter, Tree Guinea Ornaments, and Coots

Winter is in full swing. We have had snow followed by melt and then rain and then blizzard.  A real swing. More like a pendulum. The guineas have decided that there is just too much snow on the ground. They have become tree birds. They sit in the lilac tree waiting. Waiting for the warm summer days when they can roam the pasture looking for ticks, grasshoppers and those tasty seeds they are so fond of. 
There is another snow storm headed our way this weekend. Then the trails will be loaded with that fresh beautiful snow. We are waiting, not so patiently, to take the sled out again. I think Maine trails are some of the most beautiful. The best groomed that is a definite.
For two old coots we  do have fun.

Now we just have two little young coots to take along.  We are looking for a youth helmet and snow gear for Jasmine. That way she can go with Ted or me on the sled. Noah is still too young for the snowmobile. He doesn't mind staying inside on those cold days. A nice dry diaper and a warm bottle.
I can sit here and remember the warmth of summer, the green lush grass and the sounds of crickets.
Then there is the ever present reminder of winter. We aren't bemoaning our winter. We are embracing it and enjoying it's drastic differences from the other seasons.
How is your landscape changing? Are you having a blizzard or nice sunny warm days? Are you tree sitting with the guineas? Happy Winter Ya'll!
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make Plans, I DARE you!

Is it just us or does this happen to everyone? You think you are on your own and you start to make plans to go on trips, see a little bit of the world. Then, as soon as you put the deposit down, Bam! Your plans change. We were able to get a farm sitter for the week, deposit down on a cruise, dreaming of warm sunshine. Then we have two crumb snatchers with us. Not that we mind. We love these crumb snatchers.  They are mighty cute. 
This is Noah. He is 14 months. Back to diapers, pack and plays and bottles.
Noah is Jasmine's little brother.  She spends every summer with us so she knows her way around the farm.   The animals don't intimidate her at all.
Emma and Lucy are right at home with her.  They love having Jasmine here. After playing all day with the girls they all "dog pile" onto the couch and pass out.

Jasmine has started school and has made many friends.
We don't know how long they will be with us.  Diapers. Oh man. I'm still reeling over that one. Naps. I love naps. Noah napping and me too. Yes, naps are some of my favorite things.
 The farm is in slow motion for now. The chickens are beginning to lay again. Everyone else is laying around waiting for green grass to grow. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm