Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful and spooktacular Halloween.  Here are a few pictures from this past week here on Mainely Ewes Farm. 
                                                  Even the signs got into the season. Welcome.
Spooky Kitty Cat came back this year to make an appearance in our graveyard.
Isabella was the only goat I could convince to put on the witch hat.  She looked lovely in the little creation.
What a good sport!

She really got into the posing. What a very sweet girl.
A Turkey Witch?

A John Deere Girl Witch?

Mainely Ewes Farm does a lot of changing after dark. Kind of spooky ain't it?


I had to work this Halloween and missed all of the little spirits that came to visit and Trick or Treat for goodies.  Ted was there to pass out the loot.  He even provided peanuts to good little goats.
Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day With Sue

Ted and I took the day off today and went on a short trip to New Hampshire to spend a wonderful afternoon with our daughter Sue.  She has a smoke shop in Dover, New Hampshire called Smoke Signals.  Believe it or not, Sue has two pugs that work in the shop.  They bring their mom Heather along to keep them company during the days.  The boys love to dress up for Halloween.  Pacy is a fawn Pug sporting evening attire.  He is proud to model this sexy tux which shows off his buff bod. He does carry a bucket load of attitude, as you notice the raspberry he is giving me. Pacy you wild and crazy guy.

Link is more of a fun pug.  He is modeling his latest Halloween costume. Squirrel from his favorite movie, UP.  Link is the first pug there to greet customers as they arrive.
Of course if you have a cookie your are now best buds.

The biggest of the boys and definitely not a pug is Finn.  This handsome gentleman belongs to Shannon and comes to work accompanied by a tennis ball.  You just never know when someone may have an extra moment to throw the ball for him.  Well, when he doesn't tear the ball in half that is.

After visiting the shop we went to Sue's house. We cleaned out the flower beds a bit and tried to  straighten a tree in her front yard.  We took a trip to Home Depot for spikes and string.  The tree started tipping in one of the last wind storms.

Tree now straight and hopefully ready for the upcoming winter months.  This beautiful lady is enjoying her new home. Of course the tree is lovely too.

Paco is my grandcat.  He is attitude in a cat suit.  I interrupted him watching TV. Just try to take that remote away from him. Oh, just between you and me he was watching Twilight. Don't tell him I said so or it could be trouble for me. 
Sue had a pumpkin carving party last night and this is one of the creations.

and this little devilish creation.

Thanks for a lovely day. We can't wait till Thanksgiving.  A first major holiday in her new home. Family and friends spending time together.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lodge Pro Grid Iron Griddle

Hi, my name is Kelly and I have an confession to make.  Ahem, I watch way, way, way too much Paula Deen.  I love the woman.  I watch her show or either I tape it.  I even watch re runs.  I'm so ashamed! I want her kitchen.  I want her ovens, I want her "Ya'll Come Back" sign over her stove.  Oh, and I want her deep fryer in the counter.  Can you believe that?  Well, maybe not the deep fryer.  I don't like that many deep fried things.  I don't like my chicken deep fried.  More like pan fried in about an 1-2 of oil.  Or baked, I love baked and grilled chicken.  Whew, I'm way off topic........ Squirrel....... I have a little story to tell. I was watching Paula cooking something in way too much butter and she used this Lodge griddle.  It struck me like lightening. I just had to have it.  I WANTED it!  Like all good things I went searching the Web.  The Lodge site wanted wayyyyyyy too much and the shipping was astronomical.  I found it on, wait,  They got me hooked when the shipping was .19 cents.  Yep, I had to order it. It came and I am in love.  Here it is.
My heart was beatin so fast.  It fits so nicely on two burners.  It has a smooth side and a griddle side.
I had to have breakfast right then and there.  Who cares if it was lunch time. I wanted pancakes and sausage. 
Oh my, isn't that a pretty site.  Yes, I am in love.
Thank you Paul Deen.  Now, I have to admit that I looked up her measuring cups and spoons.  No, not the plastic ones that she has on her web site but the handmade hammered metal ones that she USES.  That will be somethin I order for myself when the economy is much better.  I can rationalize $39 for a 2 burner griddle.  Remember the shipping fee?  I just can't bring myself to spend $150 for measuring cups.  Even if they are hand hammered.  Do you think Paula would send me a set?  I am her BFF after all.  Hey, I would even clean her mess up after she cooked.  HEY PAULA, IT'S KELLY YOUR BFF. CALL ME!
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sheep and Llama Shelter Day 3

While I was at work Ted painted the little red barn and added a blue tarp. Just in case it rained and the ladies needed to get out of the weather. 
We went to another local business to get the galvanized metal sheets for the little red barn.  Mid Maine Metal Company in Newport, Maine can cut sheets to any length.  We decided on a plain galvanized.  No need for colored metal.  There was such a big price difference compared to Home Depot.  At home depot these sheets were $24.00 for a 3x8 sheet.  At Mid Maine Metal it was only $17.00. 
We were concerned that it would be too dark inside the little red barn during the day.  How about sky lights?  Hey, they could be in the barn and watch the snow fall or star gaze at night.  
One side done.  John Deere Girl out and helping with a lift. 
We even chose a clear ridge cap to add light.

A few extra screws to hold everything in place when those cold winter winds rip down our hill and try to remove the roof.  We will add a door to the back that can be closed during the winter and opened during the warm summer months for added ventilation. 
In these pictures it looks like we are missing part of the roof.  Nope, that is the clear ridge cap and skylights.   
Ted couldn't wait, he had to move the mineral feeder into the new barn.  It is kind of cozy in here.  There is still a lot of ventilation to prevent pnumonias this winter. 

Ted couldn't wait to remove the old shelter.  He will move the manure when we dry out a bit.  We have been having rain way too frequently.  We still have to shear the sheep.  It dries out for a few days and then rains again.  The sheep need a blow out so we can start.
We still have some trim to put up and paint so the little red barn looks complete.  Ultimately we would like to run conduit and wire out so there will be lights in the little red barn. We had a heavy rain last night and all the ladies were inside enjoying their new digs.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.

Monday, October 24, 2011

It Stands! Day 2

Well, here we are again. We have four walls.  I wouldn't really call it walls. Sort of like a skeleton. The final dimensions are 12x18.  Plenty of room for the ladies.
Ted built the trusses while I was at work.  We put them up in about 5 hours.  We had to have something that was light enough that we could lift ourselves but still sturdy enough to support the roof.  We went to Home Depot last evening and picked up osb board for the walls.
1x4 slats to support and to attach the roof to.
Nothing and I mean nothing is done without a peanut gallery.  This reminds me of Noah's Ark. I guess they have to check everything out. 
The walls are going up! 
Getting late in the afternoon.  Boy are the days getting much shorter.  The walls are up.  It's looking more like a shelter now. 
Whew, I can see it now.  Kind of windy still.  Next we work on the roof. Notice no sheep checking things out?  It got so bad that I had to open the gate to the woods and shoo the girls out.  They really wanted to help with everything.  Just imagine Fuzzy the llama on the ladder handing up screws to a ewe with a drill.  Yep, it got kinda crazy around here today.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sheep and Llama Shelter Day 1

This poor shelter is at an end.   It has served its purpose.  We bought this shelter about 3 years ago, used.  We didn't have it secured down well and it went airborne a couple of times.  Oh, I mean over the fence kind of airborne.   Needless to say it has seen better days.  We had to replace the tarp last fall so we could squeeze out one more winter.  It don't look pretty but it did keep the snow off of the sheep and Fuzzy. Having both money and time at the same time is a commodity. One we have to plan for.
Of course we can't do anything in the pasture without the approval of the "girls". They had to be chased away many times because they kept trying to put their two cents in.  Carlotta said, "are you sure that is going to be big enough"?  Emily wasn't sure that it was going to be tall enough for her friend Fuzzy the llama. Oh, too many cooks in the kitchen.
It starts out so simple.  We used lumber from a local lumber yard, Parker Lumber.  They have rough cut wood that is actually 2x4's.  Did you know that a 2x4 is not really a 2x4?  I didn't know that.  We are getting ripped off if you ask me.  Older structures are built of true 2x4's. Our old barn has real  2x4's.   Oh, and our house too. It is 160 years old and the wood came from our homestead. How cool is that? 
Even the turkeys and hens have to approve.   

We had to stop due to loss of daylight.  All four sides framed.  Not bad for starting in the afternoon.

"Hey, where you goin?  I will bring the next board. I want this done tonight!"

I think we have really bossy sheep. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm
Tomorrow, "It Stands".

Saturday, October 15, 2011

They're Laying!

Just last spring we ordered Buff Orpington chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery.  I had heard wonderful reviews in regards to their excellent egg laying qualities, their  sweet and loving disposition, and their ability to go broody and raise chicks.  Our last hens, Partridge Plymouth Rock, were good egg layers but never went broody, wouldn't set on a clutch of eggs and really didn't care one bit to have me love on them.  Is it truly necessary for me to pick up my hens and love on them? Well, of course it is.  Our girls have grown into beautiful hens now.  They spend their days out roaming the pasture looking for choice bugs and worms.
They are good natured and get along well with the whole barnyard. Just look at those legs. Ain't she just so pretty?
They love to visit the rams and follow the ewes into the apple orchard looking for the best treats.
They have reached a milestone in their development.  They have started LAYING!!!!  We are getting some light colored small eggs and some really large brown eggs.  Both coming from our young hens.
Wow! such different sizes and beautiful colors.
The large egg must have made the hen say ouch. It was a double yolk.  Their little bodies are just getting in the grove.  Beautiful orange yolks.  They taste so wonderful. 
I am so happy that we have young hens.  The older ladies will remain here on the farm and free range with the younger girls.  We will keep our geriatric hens in retirement but safe. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm