Sunday, December 4, 2011


Love has been in the air on our farm for several weeks now. The racket can be anoying at times.  Teddy, our buck is very vocal with his courting.  There is alot of stomping and snorting.  The odor of love hits you in the nose when you get within 20 ft or further if the breeze is just right.  Of course we can't blame all of the noise on the boys.  The girls jump up onto the playground and yell like their in danger.  All of the does want a boyfriend.   Due to harsh winters we choose to breed later in the season.  We want our does to birth past the worst weather.  When the temps reach 20 below, those tender little nubian ears on the kids can freeze.  A does gestation is approximately 5 months.  By breeding in December our kids will be due in May.  Much safer for both moms and kids. I am using some old pictures here because I can't get out to take any new ones.  My camera is in shock.  Still non-weight bearing on my right leg.  All of the girls are excited today. 

Because...... Bravo and sweet Nubian buck is visiting.  He belongs to neighbors and he is going to stay with us for a few weeks to perform his task. 

I fell in love with his spots and that sweet little face.  They dropped him off this morning and he is in with the bucks right now.  Teddy, Edward and the two little bucklings from this past year are getting along very well.  Plenty of hay, water and space. 
We were concerned that he would be too small to get the job done.  However, he is already an expecting father. 
Ted was the photographer today.  Hopefully, I will get good news when I go to the doctor on Tuesday.  Hey, a boot would be nice.  Anything that will allow me to go outside without crutches.  Not that I have been allowed outside with crutches!
Thanks for letting us know that the eggs were in fact turkey eggs.  That is a first for our farm.  The hens are laying regularly.  In spring we will let them set and have little poults running around.  That will be so cute. 
Well, hopefully I will have pictures later today when we put Bravo in with his girlfriends. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.