Friday, December 28, 2012

First Real Winter Storm

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  Once again we had our celebration a couple of days early.  It seems to work out better with our family so we can be together. I had the pleasure of working Christmas this year. It was really a good day that I got to spend with some really great nurses and doctors.
The weather took a wonderful turn after Christmas and we got about 8" of snow sooo.... it looks like Maine again!
The skies are a beautiful blue against the pure white today. 
During the snow showers yesterday Ted had to get out the new toy.  This year we treated ourselves to a new snowmobile and all the gear to stay warm while out on cold winter days.  I have a tendency to suffer from SAD during the winter. I am great for staying inside way too much.  After much discussion we decided to go ahead and get the Yamaha Venture, 4 stroke, 2 up. So, the purchase of the snowmobile is a therapeutic investment of sorts. Well, that is what I keep telling myself. Sounds logical.
This is the picture I took from the top of our hill today. I already feel better just being out in the sunshine. I love the view of the farm in the distance. We knew this hayfield would be good for something besides hay.
Our granddaughter, Jasmine, is up until after the New Year. We were warm and toasty yesterday while the snow fell.  We made 4 batches of cookies.  Enough to enjoy now and plenty for her to take back to New Jersey and share with her mom. 
Emma kept watch for any drops and there were a few.
Lucy kept close watch on the wood stove to make sure it kept burning bright. 
A peaceful time.  Quiet view from our window. I love snow storms, especially when I can stay home and not drive in them. 
You can barely make out some white shadows in the sheep barn.  Fuzzy is looking out at the storm. They stay nice and cozy in their little barn while the weather is nasty out. No chickens out either.  We open the doors to let in fresh air but the birds refuse to go out in the weather.
I don't really blame them. Things on the farm are at a slow pace.  We got a late start this year with taking the lambs to butcher. They will be going on Jan 4.  At least that will lighten our feed load a bit.  Hope everyone is safe and staying warm.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm