Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Trees Everywhere

Gold Mine! I hit the jackpot. No, not the lottery. Although that would be very nice. I hit the Christmas tree goldmine.  Christmas is done and gone for another year, New Years followed closely behind.  Now is Christmas Tree drop off time.  There are reports of a mad woman out there with a truck who stops by and robs these drop off sites.  Truthfully I get some really strange looks.  I stop at this same subdivision in Bangor every year.  Look at all of these wonderful abandoned trees!
Trees and more trees.
Loading up the truck.
Now off to Walmart. I don't think I got any strange stares. After all it is Walmart.
The boys were excited to get the greenery.  Not much around green at this time of year. 
The sheep weren't as excited but pleased to have something new to head butt.
Ted hooked up the snowmobile trailer and went back the next day for more. Why should they go to the landfill? We have a goatfill.
This huge tree on the top of the pile will make the animals very happy for a few days. They eat all of the needles, strip and eat all of the bark and then chew the smaller stems. Nothing goes to waste.
Evergreen also serves as a natural dewormer for sheep and goats.  They still get grain and hay everyday needs.  The trees get recycled, the animals are happy. It's a winter win for all.
Much Love from Mainely Ewes Farm.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It Worked!

Thank you to all who commented to my query.  We now have Google Chrome and it seems to work.  

 I guess that Google didn't hear me when I said I don't like change.  
Much Love to all from Mainely Ewes Farm.
The farm of the lady who doesn't like change but grudgingly get pulled kicking and screaming into the new technology.
Did I mention I don't like change?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blogger glitch?

Cant upload pictures from computer to blogger. Any help?