Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Memories 2010

After weeks of preparation and much excitement Christmas morning started out cold as expected. We may have been snug in our beds but Oreo had the right idea. Ever seen a cat toast his toes on the wood stove? Now we have proof. Smart cat in my book.
No need to spray snow from a can. We provide our own flocking in Maine.
The thermometer was our proof of Christmas temps for 2010.
Emma and Jasmine enjoyed a quick snuggle before opening presents. Santa had arrived and was again generous.
Teddy arrived from Waterville, Sue came up from New Hampshire and Tiffany and Jasmine came all the way from New Jersey. What a wonderful surprise.
Santa was caught early Christmas morning. Sue had a wonderful time with this Santa suit. She has a store in New Hampshire and wore the suit all week long. Customers had a wonderful surprise and really seemed to enjoy her Christmas spirit.
Okay, maybe we went a bit overboard with Santa suits and Elf costumes. We had lots of laughter and smiles everywhere.
Once again we had a blessed and happy time. It is always wonderful when we get together. I have dreams that one day we will be able to get all the kids and grand kids together for one Christmas. That would truly be a dream come true. I hope that each of you had a Merry Christmas with family and friends.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes 2010

It comes so fast every year. It catches us off guard. We know it's coming. Every year we are still shocked at how fast time flies. The mad rush to finish shopping for the perfect gift, last decoration to hang, last card to write. This said, we are not children who wait anxiously for Santa to arrive. Their bubbling joy knows no bounds as their expectation and excitement is almost unbearable and uncontainable in their little bodies. Sleep is impossible they reassure us. Then they close their eyes in exhausted slumber only to wake at the crack of dawn with squeals of delight.
Take time to enjoy family and friends. Relax and put up your feet if only for a few moments. Reflect on the reason we do this each year. Then give up a little prayer for those who can't be home. Then give a great big hug to those who are with you.
Merry Christmas to all from every creature great and small from Mainely Ewes Farm.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

We have had our first negative temp for this year. This morning it was -4 when we got up. I am not complaining. I love Maine. I love the snow. Each season is unique. You definitely know when winter is here. Well folks, winter is HERE! No doubt about it. We have completely given up our fuel oil habit. We are still tied to propane for the logs in the living room. We use that fireplace to heat the main house. This little wood stove in the kitchen does a great job of keeping us warm and cozy in the back. All that cutting and splitting from last summer is now being put to excellent use. After a morning out putting in hay and watering the animals we are back inside stoking up the fire and having a warm cup of coffee.
After the wood burns down to coals we put in this creosote removing log in to burn. I don't know if this really works or not. It is suppose to prevent chimney fires from creosote build up. Anyone use them? What do you think?
Enough wood to last for the day. We are set. Cozy and warm.
You know the stove is hot when the kitty starts to steam........
and a pup takes up residence on the hearth rug.
Just look at those eyes. More warm wishes from Mainely Ewes Farm.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Winter!

Well, finally we have our winter weather. It's here, it's here. Chores stay the same. It may take a bit longer and there is always the slip and slide factor. It can get interesting to say the least. We have started buying hay. A bit earlier than we had wished for. However, we are fortunate to have a neighbor who has huge round bales and will deliver as we need. Now our bales are fresh and clean ready to put into the pasture. The tractor again comes through. We also have a new Ram 1500 V8 with a Hemi. I can get to and from work without worry. My little car just wasn't up to it. The roads here are too slippery.
We still have to buy a spike to move the hay. For now we roll the bale over a chain, hook it to the bucket and away we go.
The buck pen is need of a new bale of hay. It only takes a few minutes and breakfast is served boys.
You don't have to call them twice. They are on it. Literally. Just look at that rumen. It's a rumen a little young buck can be proud of. They act like teenage boys sitting down at the table. Like they haven't eaten in days.
Oh no! Here comes a rabid dog. Run for your lives. No, it's just Emma heading for the house. The girls love to play in snow. I guess Labs love water in any form. Breakfast is ready and Mom has called the girls home from play. They enjoy a couple of scrambled eggs mixed into the kibble. Yum! What a great way to warm up on a cold winter day.We continue working on the house. I will have pictures of the staircase. We are down to staining and finishing the last step.
Update about the strike. We went back to work amid strained conditions. We continue to meet with the mediator and a member of the Governor's staff along with management. We wont give up on this but we are willing to negotiate. Still no contract. I was in a staff meeting the other morning and emotions were running high. Tears come quick when we speak about staffing conditions and pressures of fellow nurses. We will continue working on staffing. I will keep you current and you will hear us yell when we finally get a signed contract. Please keep us in your prayers.
We are still here, working hard. The animals seem to be happy. What more can we ask for. Take time out of your Holiday rush to look up at the stars and remember why we are here and the reason for the season.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm