Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday night in the Big City

Here I am at work again. Fairly busy tonight for both of us. It was a good morning for sleeping but a million phone calls this afternoon. Most of them crap. But we both did get some sleep. Kelly has a headache that we think may be sinus/allergy/humidity. Who knows, She's feeling miserable. May be lack of sleep. Brought a bunch of Kelly's soap in to other nurses and it's very popular. It's all natural and made with lots of goat's milk, which we've been buying. But Kelly has been looking at all the wonderful farms with goats and now it seems she wants goats too. I WANT IT ALL and I want it NOW. So in addition to chickens and sheep , cats and a dog it seems we are going to look for goats . What I really need is a tractor. No what I really need is money. Or maybe I need sleep too.
Ted spent the day fixing my car. Teddy, 18, was using my car to go to games and practice for basketball last winter when someone hit it in the school parking lot. His attitude was, I wasn't in it so it's not my fault and definitely not my responsibility. NEVER lend things to a teenager. So because his father is a nice guy, my door now opens all the way and the major dents and crumples are out. A quick coat of paint to slow the rust and I'm back in the saddle again. Or back in the Hyundai.
So we're looking forward to Sunday off (to sleep) and Monday off. I am heading to NH again but this time to visit my mom(she's 85) and take her shopping and out to lunch. Then 3.5hrs back. God I wish I had stock in gasoline. posted by Alex

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Peggy said...

You ladies should just take a vacation and come to NC. You will be able to go home with a goat or two that will have you trained to cater to them in no time. LOL