Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tree Pruning 101

First off find a tree in need of pruning.  I don't know what kind this is.  Let's just call it tree in the pasture.  Second, open the barn door and let your small herd out.  Watch them run like the wind. Run to the nearest tree.  Always make sure that you try to steer them to a tree you want pruned.  Otherwise it could be a disaster.  It is like a bright light from heaven has shown down upon the tree a chorus of angle's voices singing in the background.  The goats are in heaven.

If we had leaves at Christmas, we could call this goat ornaments.

Shirley is looking longingly at this beautiful, luscious green leaf.  "Oh if I were just a little bit taller like my Aunt Isabella I could reach you little leaf."
Isabella is the only goat that can stand on all 4's and reach.  I think she is a Draft Nubian.
The boys were right next door in the Bachelor Pasture.  I think Sadie was trying to talk Edward into a little love talk.  Little does she know he is celibate.

While out with the girls I found this horrible plant.  I though goats were suppose to eat Thistle. Not mine. I guess Sophie's episode with The thistle cured them of this taste.
I don't know about what goes on in your barn. However, I'm embarrassed to say we still have kids nursing at the ripe old age of 4 months.  They are so big that they have to get down on their knees to reach.  Oh, Isabella enough is enough.  Grow up Annie.
I have this mental image of a full grown Nubian/Sabal doe down on her knees getting a little snack before bedtime. How long will they keep nursing?  Don't get me wrong.  I love my girls.  These girls are sweet and loving and form a lifelong bond with their moms. Kinda like people don't ya think?
Happy Goat Saturday.  Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


LindaSueBuhl said...

About the nursing - our Class of 2010 are still hitting the milk bag whenever moms will allow. Our goats which have more nubian blood still have decent milk (according to the size of their bags) and their babies are larger due to that extra it seems. We don't intentionally wean any - since we don't milk our goats. Yes - we were discussing trimming out some small tree and the goats can have their fill of fresh leaves. Funny and interesting creatures - always something going on with caprines!

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

Hahahaha! Ditto! Same ole' same ole' here! I think those kids will soon be laying on their backs sucking. I love how they dance on their tip toes eating leaves. They have great balance.

Beverly said...

Too cute, Kelly. Great pics.pling

ga.farmwoman said...

We have some of those goat trimmers around here too!
Love the pictures especially of Shirley and her longing to be taller.

I was noticing yesterday a big youngster I thought was weaned kneeling for a snack under the Mama.
But as hot as it was I understood perfectly.(100+)

Have a great day.