Monday, September 27, 2010

We all Send a Fall Hello

It’s here, you can feel it in the air.  Temps that didn’t get out of the 60’s. That cool breeze in the evening that makes you reach for a jacket before going out..  The fog that creeps over the pastures in the evening.  Fall is definitely here.  We along with many parts of our country have had a brutal summer.  Temps in the 90’s just doesn’t agree with Maine.  We like it warm but not 90’s. I thought I left those temps in Florida.  This past summer we were gifted(dropped off because we have a barn) with a new member of the farm family.  We named her Mouse.  We thought she was a kitten when she arrived, she was so small.  The vet said that she had already had a litter of kittens.  Well no more kittens for her.  Mouse is a free woman now.  She received all of her shots, had her surgery and fits in well with our farm family.  She sends her hello.  Doesn’t she look like she has cattitude?  Well, she keeps all of the cats and dogs in line. Those claws speak volumes. 019

I have decided that guineas are absolutely the most brainless birds ever created.  We are down to 6 from a whopping 30 in 1 1/2 years. Our house is about 150 feet from the road.  We have 55 acres of land.  Those birds will amble across the road, stand in the middle of the road and watch oncoming traffic.  Now, please keep in mind that in Bradford, Maine “traffic” is a relative term.  I know that drivers rightfully expect birds to fly out of the line of harm.  I would think that.  I do slow down to give the ravens and occasional turkey time to exit.  Well, let me tell you something.  Those birds will not budge.  They think they out weigh a car.  I was thinking about putting a sign out warning drivers to watch out for dumb birds.  As nature would have it, this past summer we had a guinea hen set on a clutch of eggs and hatch off 16 keets.  We removed them and put them in the brooder.  They all lived. Of course!  


Now they are big enough to take a walk around the chicken yard.  There if one late hatcher in the background.  He/she keeps up with the big birds.  I guess we are destined to continue the guinea saga.


We put up poly electric fence up in the pasture to extend our grass season.  The sheep and Fuzzy are enjoying the pasture for another few weeks till snow.


015 All of the goats got a hoof trim and another dose of Molly’s Herbal De Wormer.  We will see how this works with the goats and sheep.  The worst part of the whole experience was convincing the animals that the herbs were tasty.  We got a few sneezes, a couple of “no way” and even a few, hmmmsss……

Bella and Sophie say Hi,


Isabella sends her best….


Carina sends smooches… (love her goat jewelry)


Shirley sends her regards….


Sadie cares from afar…




Ruthie …..


We all send our love.  Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather. 

Much Love and Prayers, Mainely Ewes Farm

I think Blogger is trying to drive me crazy again. I have had to revert to using Windows Live Writer and the pictures don’t line up right.  Oy.

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Peggy said...

Fall has finally arrived here too and its wonderful!! Not as nice as yours I'm sure but I am counting down till winter. Love seeing all the animals. Looks like they are actually smiling and saying hello.