Saturday, October 30, 2010

Season of Love

I guess it comes every year. The time of year when the temperature drops, the sky takes on a grey hue and the leaves change to bright oranges and yellows. Well that is all over with now. Maine is on the back side of Autumn. We have reached that pinnacle and have slid past. Now it is the season of LOVE. The sheep are jumping and running. The goats, well the goats are being goats. I'll save that little story for tomorrow. Today our sheep had to change fields. We have two ewe lambs that will not be bred this season so we tried our own little experiment. We moved the girls in with the does. They weren't convinced that this is such a great idea. They stood at the gate trying to get Fuzzy to open it and let them back in with the ewes. Then they turned around and yelled "we are NOT goats"! Very loudly I might add. Over and over.
We moved Echo into the ewe pasture to work his magic. He politely introduced himself. Well to be truthful he sniffed butts and made a growling noise at every ewe. They didn't seem that impressed. He is still trying to convince the ladies that he is all that.

I think they all went into a group to talk about Echo. Esther is the ring leader. If she gives her approval then he is in. The girls were very impressed with his strong voice and physique. At least that is what they told him. I don't think we will have any problems, Echo is a proven ram.
We should have lambs in the spring.
Fuzzy was unimpressed with the whole situation. She stood guard like always. Gentle giant that she is.
We have been busy getting ready for winter. The hens have gone through an embarrassing molt. No bloomers on the hens. Eggs production is declining. We are beginning to leave a light on till about 8pm to extend their daylight and encourage more eggs. Can someone please call the ladies and tell them this is suppose to work. Their little brains just aren't convinced yet. While moving animals around today I did notice a nip in the air and a few white fluffy snowflakes. It won't be long. We are slipping and sliding into early winter. Tonight we started a fire in the wood stove and it's cozy inside. May you all stay cozy and warm. Oh, and you people in North Carolina....don't keep our snow this year. Now that I say that, I think I see more snow. WooHoo.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Starwalker said...

So you have sheep in your goats and a Llama that stands guard.

We have as guests at present, 7 Shire mares (in the far-back yard), a large herd of goats (does temporarily in the dog yard, bucks in their own quarters nearby) and an extra flock of chickens currently running at large.

It is great watching the critters and especially seeing K with them. The huge horses look so in proportion with him and his comments as he gets to know goats are a hoot. Both he and the critters mom seem to be related to "Dr. Dolittle"; they talk and the critters listen and even do as suggested! Wish I had that talent!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful sheep! Fuzzy the llama is just too cute, is that white "eyebrows" he has? How cute!

Becky said...

We folks in NC gladly send you your snow back this year!! :) We'll only keep a tiny bit this year. The sheep look wooly and ready for a snowy winter!

LindaSueBuhl said...

no breeding on our place this year - one of the wethers thought he should be the big fella and went through all the noises and carrying on - of course the does just walk away in total rejection - so he goes and eats more hay (about all wethers are good for doing!). My husband got a wild hair about getting alpacas - I'm hoping it fades quickly - don't need more animals! They are great fun though - work but fun