Sunday, November 6, 2011

Green Cove Springs, Florida

When mom and I start out for a day out and about we never know where we will end up.  This morning we were heading out to an Estate Sale in Penny Farms, Florida.  We kind of got side tracked and ended up in Green Cove Springs.  I remember visiting here about 15 years ago.  The spring starts from this gated area and fills the adjacent pool.  There is a tinge of sulfur to the water. Years ago the spring was visited for its health properties.  Now I have to imagine ladies in long swim suits and men in trunks taking the waters for ailments from long ago.

The water is crystal clear and so clean you can see to the bottom of the 28ft deep hole. It doesn't photograph very well but take my word for it. I did want to hold onto the railing for some reason.
The water is a steady 78 degrees but the outside temp was 63.  For Floridians that means brrrrrr.  Hahahah.  Sorry.  Just a Maine sense of humor surfacing.   Don't worry mom, summer will be here in about ummmm.......3 months.  I would like to feel a bit of sorry here but it just ain't coming.
Hard to imagine 3000 gallons of water flowing out of that spring every minute every day of every year since it was born.  That is a lot of water.

After the water fills the pool it drains out through this fall.....

down this little creek........

and out into the St. Johns River.  The St. Johns is a northerly flowing river, like the Nile. I kept looking for Manatees, however, the water is a bit chilly and they may have migrated further south. I love the manatees. They are beautiful and graceful. Huge mammals with sweet whiskers.
Trees I miss are the cedar....

and the Live Oak with the moss swaying in the breeze.

Florida homes are unique. Oh, I love this one. Tin roof and all. Can you just imagine the sound it makes in a summer storm? How many hurricanes has this house survived?

I would bet this veranda is cool and inviting in the summertime. Sitting in a rocking chair, drinking lemonade with a palm fan in my hand. I do declare!

I don't remember this tree ever.  Mom said it was a Rain Tree. They're beautiful with pink flowers which will transform into little pink "feather duster" like flowers in a bit.

Then it was to Starbucks for a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte.  What a way to finish an afternoon of sightseeing. Even the Starbucks here has a "Florida" look to it.

So, no, we never made it to the estate sale.  I'm sure that someone got a great find and thank heavens I don't have to figure out how to fit a dresser into my carry on luggage on the home bound trip. We have been blessed with beautiful weather and great company. Hope you are having the same.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm and my Mom.


Mike said...

I miss Florida. I often regret leaving. But, then I wouldn't have what I have now. ;)

Marigold said...

That's right. Eat a goat and then go out on the town. Oy.

Wreaths n Things said...

Florida has its great points and not-so-great. It lacks opportunity and room to grow :)