Monday, October 1, 2012

Fences UP!

Well, the fences are up.  We still had to cut the top of the fence posts off to make it regular. The yard is enclosed on the pasture side.  It makes a very nice division from the pasture.
This is kind of far away but it gives a good idea how the front fence looks.

The farm road gate will be in the far left corner.

We kind of knew how we wanted the front gate to be.  We looked at stone gateposts. Whew, was that a shocker.  We decided on using 6x6 wooden gate posts for now. If there will be stone gateposts we will have to learn how to do it ourselves. Can't pay a stone mason. Ouch. There is an option that may be possible. Something we will look at in the spring.

The front fence done.  We had to stop shy of the creek.  Reason one, it is low and wet. Reason two, when they built the road I think they dumped every boulder over the side and down the embankment onto our property.  The auger went spastic. We will finish that side with wire fence and those sharpened cedar posts that can be manipulated a bit more.

The side yard complete with a deer afternoon snacking.

We had no idea how to tie in the fence with the gate.  We kept measuring and adjusting and measuring until it finally worked out. 
The front from across the street.
Now to cut all of the fence tops off at an angle to help snow slide off and not rot so quickly. Painting to be done.  Gates.  We have ordered a "gate kit" complete with free swinging hinges. One for the front and one for the farm road. The animals will be happy to have the pasture after we get the final cut in the summer.  The will be able to eat through till first snow.  This will cut our hay consumption drastically.  When we get done each group will have an area to eat in separately. Keeping the peace.  To be continued.......
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


jaz@octoberfarm said...

it looks great. all of your hard work paid off! happy october 1st!!!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Ooo! My lady is drooling. How lovely that looks!

Marigold said...

How beautiful! Although I, myself, don't particularly care for fences since it keeps me from all the most delectable pieces of grass which are ALWAYS on the other side. But yours is beautiful as fences go. Is that a cemetery on the other side there? How spooky? Do the ghosts come to visit???