Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flat Creek Wool and Pottery Ornament

One of my favorite blog friends is Tonya at Flat Creek Wool and Pottery. She is a very talented artist.  This year she had a giveaway on her blog.  I won and did a happy dance.  She was giving away a Rustic Wool Ornament.  It came in the appropriately labeled box. 
She felted this round natural wool ornament from her own sheep's wool.  How cute is this? I am one of those people who is so amazed with someones talent. I have none. I think that is why I am so in awe of someone who does.
I had to wait until we got a new tree.  The old one went kaput.  I cheat, we have a fake tree which is already prelit.  I think with all of the kids gone I just don't have the energy to get a real tree, string lights, decorate it and make sure it has water.  I always forget the water and then the needles all fall of and it kinda looks like Charlie Browns Christmas tree.  I digress..... this is the beautiful ornament on the tree.
This is Tonya's ornament from 2010. Ewenice sporting a bell.
Last year I emailed Tonya a copy of our farm logo.  She was able to recreate it in this lovely ornament.  I was so pleased I gave all the kids one for their tree. Oh, and the secretary at the hospital. I wasn't sure if the mailperson would appreciate one so I did practice a small amount of restraint. 
We were able to find a 6'5" tree that would actually allow an angel to top our tree.  Our ceilings are a bit low.  Folks were a bit shorter back in the day.  The angel will have a Crick in her neck because she is sort of jambed up there.  As I look at this picture she sort of lists to the side. Is that port or starboard?
Now all lit and cozy. 
Thank you Tonya for such a special gift.  I will treasure it and it will grace our tree for many years to come.  Christmas is such a special time of year.  Tonya can also make mugs with your farm logo.  Feel free to follow the above link and contact her.  Like I said she is one talented lady and has the cutest little son.  Well, not so little anymore but he is still cute.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this past weekend at our daughter Sue's home.  It was filled with love, family and of course fun.  I hope that everyone had a happy and safe holiday. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


Tombstone Livestock said...

Neat ornament, yes she is very talented. Hmmm your house has low ceilings ... mine is 100+ years yet has 9 ft ceilings. At least you can reach cobwebs if they are a problem, I don't see them til they are coming down into my line of site, LOL.

Marigold said...

Love your tree and love your ornament! Now why won't the Goatmother put up a tree in the barn for us? Oh, I remember. Because we'd eat it. :)

tonya said...

So kind of you Kelly. I am glad the ornaments have a good home and a beautiful tree to reside on. (I haven't even thought about putting up a tree.. is it really that time already???) sigh. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

doglady said...

I haven't succumbed to an artificial tree yet but having them come prelit is certainly an enticement.
My son, a friend and I put up my tree yesterday and it is beautiful. He did the lights, thank goodness.

luckybunny said...

Your tree looks beautiful and I loved seeing your most special ornaments. It's such a wonderful time of year and I love being able to see and hear what everyone does and what they are up to :) Beautiful pictures.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a pretty ornament, it looks so lovely on your Christmas tree. My ceilings are low too, but it is my own fault as we build our home. We here at Dog Trot Farm have had a corner doorway fan for many years, and it does it's job very well. I do have to vacumn it at times as the dust from the wood stove can build up...Have a lovely weekend, off to scout our woods for a Christmas tree...blessings, Julie.