Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Losses

We're back to work and wanted to update a few things. The hen "Lazarus" is back in the coop. We are applying antibiotic ointment to her pecked back and putting menthol rub around the site to deter the pecky hens. So far, she is not back to her old self. Still trying to keep her eating and drinking. The other hens are looking much better. Their feathers are becoming more shinny and healthy looking. I think the infrared lights are giving them some night time but still keeping them warm. They have been able to go out into the barn and forage around. We are still giving them warm oatmeal with a couple of hand fulls of dry cat food for extra protein. A couple of sad things happened over the last few days. We found Captain, the white cornish cross that talked Ted into saving him from the butcher, dead this morning. I guess he just out grew his heart. I don't think that they are made to live long. He did have a good life while he was here. The second sad event happened a couple of days ago. We were so excited Monday night to see two young moose yearlings in the yard. We stood still and they came to within 10 feet of us. However, about 5:30am one was hit by a semi tractor-trailer. Kevin and Cheeta, our neighbors across the street, called the game warden and he came and "tagged" the moose. Kevin took it to the butcher and we will have moose meat. The moose was hit in the head and no damage was done to the body. At least it happened quick and we will have the benefit of it's loss. I have never eaten moose meat before and am kinda looking forward to it. At least nothing goes to waste. I am coming to the conclusion that winter provides a natural culling of things. We try to change the natural scheme of things and sometimes we can. Sometimes we just have to let nature take its course. I hope we aren't getting "culled" anytime soon. Take care and have a safe and warm night. Love from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Carole@Fowl Visions said...

Never had moose meat before. You'll have to share your opinion once you try it.

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself on my blog. I cannot imagine moving as far north as you did to start a farm. We moved from KY to FL and now are working on building up our homestead.

Walter Jeffries said...


You had asked about how to use the logo on your web site. On look in the left hand column under Just the Facts and then Linking to NAIS. There is a whole directory of artwork you can use to help fight against NAIS.

Let me know if you need more help.



LindaSueBuhl said...

Thank you for leaving such a sensitive remark on my blog - just read a few of your entries and am glad we live further south. Looks like your chicken problems are cold and light related. I need to check back on you more often! Wish I could send you some of our warm humid wind - it feels wonderful.