Friday, January 30, 2009

Tanning Chickens

The weather here today was in the high 20's and we were able to let the girls out of the coop for the day to forage around in the barn. They do not go out into the snow. No Way! I checked their vents and they were dry, no coughing or sneezing, everyone was active walking around, they ate their layer pellets and corn and had plenty of water. We made the girls a big bowl of warm oatmeal and added dry cat food for protein enhancement. I never knew that chickens enjoy oatmeal. They did go crazy this morning for left over brussel sprouts. If only I could have gotten my kids to eat them the way the hens did!

We changed over the brooder light bulbs to infrared bulbs so they would have some night time. I think they were a little confused here.

Some of the girls got up on the roost to check out the new bulb. The thermometer reads 32. They seem to be content. One of our biggest surprises came this morning when we got home from work. Alex went down to the basement where she had put the hen that died last night. We were going to bag her and take her for the necropsy. I so dreaded this but was ready for answers. However, the hen had a different idea. She scared the poo out of Alex when she popped her head up and put her wing out. She had spent the night in a pet carrier in the warm basement and was feeling much better. Last night she had no movement and we thought she had died. What a surprise. We gave her fresh water and she drank most of it. I made her oatmeal with cat food. I'm not sure she ate much of it. Her poop is watery. She has a quarter size spot on her back where they had pecked her. Now I need help again. What should I put on her wound? What antibiotics should I give? How do you give antibiotics to chickens? I'm going to my resource people again. Thank you for your help and support. Take care and keep warm. Big thanks to Peggy and Farm Mom.


Peggy said...

put neosporin on it or any antibiotic ointment you might have. When you put her back with the other chicks put vicks vapor rub on the wound so the others won't peck it. I would put some electolytes in her water (give her warm water for now) or add molasses to give her that extra energy to heal. If possible keep her in the basement a few days to get her strength back.

Anonymous said...

yup, we use just a normal anti-bac cream here too. There are also anti-pick soprays out there, hot-sprays and one called blue-kote to help hide the wound from those chicky eyes.

Carole@Fowl Visions said...

What a surprise you must have got when you went to get the chicken. I also use antibiotic ointment on mine when necessary.