Thursday, April 15, 2010

It’s Been a Ram Kind of Year

We are still in lambing season here.  The ewes have been wonderful.  They present us with healthy ram lambs in the morning. Sort of “look what I did while you were laying abed” kind of thing.  This is Moriah with her two ram lambs.  One is a badger face and one is black with a couple of tiny white spots.  


We moved them into the lambing jugs for a bit a peace and quiet.


Yesterday was so nice we put them into the field for some fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Notice the little white spots on this boy’s face.


Up close with a badger face (light on back and face with his primary color on the inside of his ears, belly and some of his face)boy.


Then yesterday morning Cierra presented us with this little mouflon (the opposite of badger face, his primary color is on his back with a light belly, inside of his ears and lower part of his face). It would have been easy to see if he would just pick up his face and smile at us. He was sleepy and wanted to rest. Cierra was very protective and really didn’t want to share him just yet. This will change when he goes out into the pasture with the other lambs. Did I mention that they have been all rams? Yes, maybe I mentioned that a few times. 


Resting after that big ordeal called birth.


Still resting………


We found a small ram lamb dead in the shelter this morning.  We thought that Moriah’s little black boy was dead. Upon closer look it was a different ram lamb. We still have two ewes expecting and their rear ends were still clean.  Moriah was still a bit “gooky” so we can only guess that she had another little ram lamb last night. She was also walking around calling like she had lost a lamb.  To all of our sheep friends, is this possible?  Can a  ewe have twins and then deliver another lamb a couple of days later? We don’t know if he was stillborn or born alive. He had been stepped on. That is a sad way to start the day.  Loss is a part of farming. I didn’t say that I agree with that part. It is just a part. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy day. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Lamb Count:   Rams  5    Ewes 0

Did I mention that we have had all rams?  ;)


Peggy said...

We had a year of all bucklings with the goats but they made up for the next year. I know in goats its possible to have kids and have another one a day or two later. The dam got covered twice while she was in season.

Terri said...

That's too bad that Cierra had a single. It's been such a crazy year with sheep. We've never had so many singles. Oh well. I'm happy if they are healthy and don't require a lot of care.

Sandra said...

Yes, it is possible and I'm sorry the lamb was lost. I raise sheep for wool and love the rams as much as the ewes but other shepherds think rams are a waste.

Kelly or Alex said...

Peggy-Thank you for your knowledge. You have helped us so much and taught us along the way.
Terri- Cierra and Emily have given us wonderful gifts and we plan on keeping both their lambs.
Sandra-We hurt each time we loose any of our animals. We are trying to build our flock and we need ewes at this point in time. We treat the little rams with as much love and care as any ewe. No creature is a waste. Well, maybe the black fly. Even with the ram we lost it is painful.