Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello, We Have Taken Over The Farm

Hi, my name is Ruthie.  I would like to announce that I am the ring leader and am now in charge of the “Farm”.  We have taken over.  It is a bit difficult to type with my hooves but I type slow.  Here is what is going on.  The humans have been busy working and taking care of so many things.  Goatmama Kelly has been letting the blog go.  We goats are highly intelligent and are filling in for our  humans.  We love them and want to give them a break today.
Here is my BFF  Annie.  She is the daughter of my Aunt Isabella.  She is the photographer  today.  I will keep this short but let you know what our day is like.  We love going out and playing, eating hay and head butting each other.  We both have horns and are very proud of them.
We took a foray out into the pasture to take some pictures of the nasty boys. Not really.  They are funny and make us laugh.   This is Acheron. He is a big ram.   The rams like to run and play too.  When they head but you can feel it. BAM!
This is Archer and his mama.  Oh did his mama get a bad hair cut.  I heard the farm mamas talking about having to fix her wool.  I hope they get to it soon.  She is having a bad hair month.  Anyway, Archer is one of the big boys.  His mama and daddy came from a long way off.  He is proud of his parents.  Doesn’t he have lovely horns?  They are big.
These two boys love to run around the pasture kicking up their heels and baaaaaaaa. 
Thank you for visiting the farm with us.  I know the farm mama is pleased that I have done the blog for her today.  She will be back soon and bring lots of lovely pictures of us all. 
Much love and prayers from all of us farm animals.


Beverly said...

Oh you talented kids look adorable. Tell your Mama's we miss them and hope all is wonderful!!!

Sissy and O'Malley goats
Bee Haven Acres

Marie said...

Great post Ruthie! :)
Just wanted to see who the boys (icelandic's) where by. They are very nice! I am picking up my new flock from Terri in July and she sent me over to your mamas' blog.

Sandra said...

Goats are so danged cute!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Such clever children on the farm - good of you to show off everyone. Always nice to hear how things are going on the Maine Ewes Farm!

Terri said...

Your rams are looking really nice! It looks like Cierra's rams is a black mouflon grey. I've never had that pattern combo before, very pretty, or should I say handsome? So, Finn carries grey, that's where he gets it from. The horns look good on both of them, and very stocky, too!

Jj Starwalker said...

Tell your humans we missed them at the Bangor Downtown Market last week, and we hope they will make it this week!