Monday, November 8, 2010

Shearing...NO WAY!

Hi everyone. I am Esther and I have something to say. We are sporting a longer fleece this winter. I personally like the longer look. I have a beautiful crimping to my fleece. The other sheep think this is a fine way to spend the winter. We are looking forward to a warmer than usual winter. Honestly, after the fall shearing we are a bit chilly. It takes time for our fleece to come in. I kind of like this style. Maybe the sheep will decide to only get shorn in the spring. Completely cut out that fall shearing. I think we may form a union and put this into our demands. While we are at it, a scoop of grain each morning. Yes, and none of that alfalfa cube stuff. We want only orchard grass. Well, these were just some of our demands. We were feeling quite proud of ourselves. Then, out of the blue the UPS truck pulled into the driveway. At first we were just mildly curious. A box arrived from Premier. What could this be?

" Oh, no. This can't be happening. That is the Premier 4000 shears complete with extra combs. What do you think Echo?"
"Look out ladies. Your beautiful long locks are coming to an end."
"Run for the hills. I don't want to get a shearing. I want to keep my beautiful fleece. Run girls."

Nah, we aren't shearing this late into the season. No worry Esther. Your beautiful fleece is safe this winter. We are getting ready for spring shearing. We are going to take a shearing class offered in the spring by the University of Main Extension. I don't think we could do any worse than last years shearer. I know we will be more careful and cut the sheep less. We were thinking about getting the stand and shearing them on that. We can shear a sheep a day if necessary. The spring fleece is in such bad shape that it is mostly a throw out fleece anyway. Hay from the winter will accumulate and make it unusable. Great practice. Shearing should be very interesting. Maybe a bit comical and I know back breaking. Boy, I can't wait.
"Oh no, do goats get shorn?"
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hee hee - I love the look of surprise on the goatie faces! My goodness, what magnificent fleece you sheep have! I've tried to put a curl into my coat but haven't had any luck yet. My lady said that my coat is nice and soft and good for hugging, so I guess that's OK. I'm glad you escaped those big shears for this winter!

Peggy said...

Think you better keep an eye on those sheep before they start a union. LOL They are beautiful in their lovely wool coats.

taylorgirl6 said...

We tried shearing our youngest dog this winter. He grows such a thick coat, and he pants from the heat, so we figured a trim here or there might help! Not so, said the fluffy pup. He tolerated having his hind legs and a big of his tummy fur trimmed, but he would bear no more torture. Perhaps that's due to the bald spot I left on his right knee...

I'm unsure about my future as a sheep farmer.

tonya said...

Esther is beautiful! You're not alone- We have several here that lucked out and are going to go into winter in style :)

Jennifer said...

Loved the pictures and the story, it made me chuckle, especially the last picture of the goats. :) Ester is gorgeous, such beautiful fleece. What breed of sheep is she?