Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Do You Blog?

Did you ever wonder what was the first blog? Where did they start? Wikipedia dates the first blog back to the ancient times, 1999. I guess in the scheme of the internet that is ancient.
Do you remember the first blog that you read? I remember my first. I was amazed. I thought that it was such a great creation. I stumbled upon it by complete accident. It was "Kentucky Hollers". The woman described her life on a homestead. She told her story, how she left with her daughters and moved all the way across the United States to start over on a small farm in Kentucky. I was so enchanted that I scrolled back to the very beginning and read her story. Her strength encouraged me. She was able to repair, rehab and build so much. I used her side bar and read other blogs. I was hooked. So many people with such varied stories and reasons to blog. There was a whole world out there. People with stories to tell. People living and working through hard times, sad times, and even good times. They shared their stories with complete strangers. And we read them. We even became friends, encouraging each other, crying with each others losses and pain, laughing with their joy. Voyeurism of sorts I suppose. A glimpse into others lives.
I wanted to blog too. I wanted to create my story. Why? Did I have a story? As I sat there thinking that we had just moved to Maine, onto a farm and started rehabbing an old farmhouse. Grand kids were being born. Kids moving home and away again. Firsts of so many kinds. That was the beginning to my story, my blog. I have never been a journal keeper. I tried as a kid with a diary. That got really dull fast for me. Hey, I went to school, came home and then went back to school. Woo Hoo.
We all have stories. We grow as people. I find it amazing to read other blogs. I call you guys my "blog friends". We may not be able to pick each other out in a crowd but we know little tid bits of each others lives. We pray for each other when times are tough. We help out with donations when hard times hit and the mortgage can't be met. We send gift baskets and treats. I love the giveaways that some have, the items and crafts others have for sale. I have gotten soap from Peggy, goat pin cushions from Lisa, pottery from Tonya. We even had a visit from Tracy and her mom Jo Ann from Washington. Wow, the more I think about it the world is really a very small place. Made even smaller by the internet.
Now that we have these stories. Stories of our lives what do we do with them? Do we just leave them on the internet? Can the internet just disappear? Will our stories just go away one day in some mass computer glitch? I want my story to last. Something to hold on to and pass on. Just think about the feeling you get when you run across some old letters up in the attic. You sit there and read with wonder about another time. A time when life went at a slower pace. Cars were a new invention or fad. What will our future be like when our blog stories are read. What will they say? Oh my, look at the old trucks and tractors. Look at what my great great great grandmother did.
Last year I was doing my regular blog reading and I was at Thistle Cove Farm reading Sandra's blog. She is inspirational and gives words of wisdom that I love. She mentioned a web site that would take your blog posts, pictures, and comments, put them into book form. A book that you can hold in your hands. I went onto the Blog2print web site and it was so easy. Now each year I have the blog printed out and it magically appears in the mail. Now my story is here in my hands to pass on.
Why do you blog?
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I did not know about Blog2Print, wow, thank you. First, I blog for myself, as a scrapebook, and then if anybody wants to tune in they are welcome.

I am always amazed at how often I am referring to fellow bloggers such as, "my blog friend in Maine says..." isn't that wild?

taylorgirl6 said...

We blog to slow down and appreciate the little things in urban farming. We blog to have a name and a purpose to what we do. We blog for community. And we blog because the chickens demand publicity.

Marie said...

What an awesome blog entry you just made!
I just love to read others blog entries because most people are much more talented at putting words together than I am, and you are no exception.
I started my blog mainly to kind of log my adventure into the world of the fiber animals. But it has grown more into a 'look what she is doing NOW'. I really enjoy posting entries and seeing them read and the comments others have. It is the interaction with people that I would never had done in real life.
I really like the idea of putting the blog into print. To be able to go back in ten years and read what things where going on sounds wonderful. I, too, was never a journal person, except for a very diffcult time in my life I did right things done. I still have them and read them every couple of years and think 'if I can get through that, this problem I have now is nothing'
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and sharing the blog to book. I am goint to check that our.

Lili said...

Yes I too have oftened wondered how long our blogs will stay out there on the public domain. I started blogging because I remembered what a treasure it was for me read the simple daily journal my Dad kept before he died. I know if he were still alive today he would have a blog. That is a great idea to have it printed out yearly, thanks for that link! Great post. ~Lili

NancyDe said...

I just started blogging. For me, it combined two of my favorite things - writing and making connections with people. My family and friends like to read about my new life with sheep, and I have made new friends who have far more experience with rural life than me. Thank you for asking :).

Faith said...

Wow. I just stopped by and read your sidebar.

You have no idea how many times I and several of my friends all talk about how wonderful it would be to share owning a big farm. What a wonderful journey that must have been.

I better stick to the subject matter though.

I guess my main reason to blog is that I hope somehow others will benefit from what I've been through, and I can share everything I stumble through to somehow make life better or easier for others.

I don't know how successful I am, but that's what I want to do. Help people. My projects may fail, but I keep trying, and if someone learns how NOT to do something from me, that's great too.

I've met many great internet friends over the years. I remember when it was not safe to interact with the 'crazy weirdos' over the internet. Now we all are.


Callie said...

Great post! I blog to make a record of what is happening in my life. I had been thinking about keeping a journal, but then I learned about blogging and thought I would try that. I wish I had journals of my grand and great grand parents to read and hope someday my great grandkids will read my blog and learn about me and life here. Printing my blog is a great idea. Thanks.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

My son spent some time at UM Orono. We love it up there. Your blog is so interesting. I love reading about farming and raising animals. We will drive miles to get farm eggs and vegetables.I found blogging just recently (June 2010) and have loved every minute, Please stop by and visit if you would like. Enjoyed my visit today.

Sandra said...

Good question...I haven't a clue but I think it was Greenberry House - the first blog I read. Leslie, the blogger, is my friend and she's very computer savvy; I'd never heard about blogs before Leslie.
I am SO envious you've got a book of your blog! I tried but they said I have too many photos; any way around that?
Thanks for visiting TCF, you warm the cockles of my heart...truly! When life is difficult, as it has been for a while and will be for a longer while, I visit blogs and am reminded that life will, again, be "normal". Probably not as soon as I want but God will bring us through what He's placed before us.