Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Post of Goats only, for Marigold and Isobelle

First let me explain my title today.We have two goat friends who write and edit their own blog. They are Isobelle from and Marigold from http:// Two highly intelligent goats. Our goats took over a couple of times to blog but got kind of bored with it. They didn't like having to clean their hooves when they came into house.
We have had another set of twins born. Sophie was one of our first goats and she has had two doelings. No names as of yet.

Still a little damp in this picture but so sweet.

Sophie is turning out to be a great mom. Nature at it's best. She was a bottle kid and never knew her mom. She was raised with Edward and Bella in the kitchen.

Little love noises between mom and daughter

We gave them their BoSo shots and iodined their navals. I always seem to have color changing hands with this task.

Bella, Ernie and Molly viewing their new cousins.

So here is a post of goats only. No sheep, cats, llamas, or dogs. If only I could incorporate peanuts into this post for Marigold. She is a connoisseur of peanuts. We can learn so much from our animals. They bring joy into our lives everyday. Never knew they were critics too. did I do ladies?

Much Love and Prayers from a rainysleety Mainely Ewes Farm

Corrections were made Marigold. Now I have it correct sweet little goat.


Marigold said...

Well, Kelly. You did quite well, EXCEPT you attributed my philosophical writings to Isobelle. I'm sure Isobelle is a philsopher in her own right, but the correct link for my blog would be: :)

Those goatie babies are a beautiful blue, by the way. I still want the man shirt though.

Peggy said...

Beautiful goat family!! I have the same problem with the iodine but its worth the trouble getting to be around adorable baby goats. Have a blessed evening and don't work too hard.

Marigold said...

Hey, Kelly. Does that red and white hand make you a piebald human?

luckybunny said...

LOL this is a riot, and the pictures and goats are beautiful.