Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vaccination Time for Lambs

There was talk in the pasture today. "Hey, the feed and hay people are coming in. What are they up to? I got a baaaaaaad feeling. On my baaaa you go that way and I'll go this way. I don't know why but we should. Ready set...."


What the baaaaad little lambs didn't count on is that they people had grain. Their mommas love grain and came running. That made the baaaaad little lambs easy to catch. Muahhhaaaaaa....
Lambert was the first to get his Bose (vitamin E and selenium) and CD&T. The CD&T vaccine had been given to the ewes a few weeks before the lambs were born thereby providing them immunity. They needed a booster now and again in about 4 weeks. Clostridium perfringins type C and D and clostridium tetani are diseases that frequently affect lambs and kids.

When you have 10 lambs to give injections to you grab them any way you can. Even two fisted. They are really speedy. The lambs are growing very fast on the rich mother's milk. Fuzzy is in the background making sure we aren't hurting her babies. She gets anxious when they baaaaaaa.

I didn't realize that Esther had licked the lens so this picture is a bit blurry. We used a waxy crayon to mark the lambs after they received their injections. That way we didn't miss anyone or give any lamb extra.

We are still a bit water logged here. Rain every day. I'm not complaining really. Our pasture is turning green and the sheep and goats are very happy. I have been asked if Ted minds being in the blog so much. He is a good sport and always willing to get in the middle of everything here on the farm. We work together and that makes taking care of the animals so much easier. Much Love and Prayers from a soggy Mainely Ewes Farm.


Michaele said...

I could sure use Ted around here. lol

Marigold said...

Since Ted is always in the pictures, I think we need a post with pictures of you in your 'chick peas'. You could have one on each ear. (Oh, I'm SO funny. Right? :))