Monday, January 23, 2012

Family-Moving on Out

Today is the day.  We have been blessed with our youngest daughter moving back to Maine with her theee children.  They are getting their own apartment in Bangor.  Leah will be starting classes toward her nursing degree.  She hopes to go on and become a Medical  Attorney.  Big dreams with three children but if anyone can do it, she can. 
Brianna 4, Natasha 3 and Little Bit (Vic) 2.  They are very active children and need outside time to work off all of that energy. 
Thankfully we have plenty of outside here.  They can run and play without worry. This is Little Bit and Tasha's firs snow season. He doesn't look like he is too happy with all the winter wear required to be outside. 
A round disc can provide hours of fun for three little ones.
Down the hill, up the hill, down the hill and up the hill.  As many times as mom can take them.  I get tired just watching.
Brianna likes to pose.  She has such big brown eyes. 
I think Poppop is having a lot of fun with these three little urchins.
Anything can become a toy.  Tubbies?
Sorry for the screams and the sideways video. If anyone can give me pointers on how to change the direction I would really appreciate it.

The noise level will decrease significantly over the next few days.  It will be nice to know that they are safe and sound in their own place.  We will be starting work on our bathroom next.  We also had an energy audit and will be having insulation done professionally to combat the winter chill.  One day we will be warm and toasty. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


CopperCreeker said...

love the video. what precious babies!

GreyWolf said...

Brianna does have very beautiful eyes and the other 2 are very beautiful children also. Hope you enjoy your new role in their lives. How's that leg doing?

Marigold said...

Wow! What aspirations! Go, Leah! And, I have to say, those girls are beautiful, but that little guy is just the cutest thing ever! No wonder you are proud. I have to say, though, that I hope 'PopPop' does not use that face on the goats. It could get him butted. :)

katiegirl said...

How great to have them so close to you now! Love the pics, and they all look like they're having a great time!

Paula said...

Leah sounds like a gla with a plan! I wish her all the best.
And those are the cutest kids I've ever seen! (Loved the vidoe, too!)

Lee said...

Oh my- they look like thay are having FUN!! THey must bring so much joy to you and hubby!

Lili said...

Oh Kelly you have such a beautiful family! That will be so wonderful to have them back in Maine. Love seeing all that great energy! ~Lili

Marigold said...

Marigold has passed on an award to you. :)

Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

How wonderful that they will be close to you! Wishing your daughter luck in pursuing her dreams!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Love those "urchins", they are AAAdorable. I call my urchins "monkey's" which tickle them no end.
Best wishes to Leah, go girl go!