Monday, March 12, 2012

En Suite Bathroom

Well it's about time.  Where have we been and what have we been up to?  Sitting around, lazing away time with our feet propped up sipping ice tea. Heck no.  We have been busy inside of the house.  Two major projects are under way.  Each a very big project in itself.  I'll start with the first, but by no means the biggest.   En Suite Bathroom.  It was there since we moved in.  Right off of our bedroom but not functional.  See, we have had so many other projects to finish first. Like the kitchen.  Boy was that ever a biggie.  We used a 2 burner Coleman camp stove for 6 months while we built the kitchen.  I say "built" because there wasn't one.  Nope, not even electricity or plumbing.  We kept moving our bathroom back as other renovations came first.  Then the dreaded bathroom turned into a junk room.  You know what I mean.  You have something you should throw away but you just might NEED it. So it goes into the junk room.  Yep.  I had an en suite junk room. Just what we all need. Here is the evil monster it became. The last owners gave up after the bathtub went in. Yes, there is a bathtub in there under all that junk. No plumbing or running water though.  See the window? It has plastic sheeting to keep the wind from whistling through. It doesn't open. It is just a pane of glass. What good is that I ask?
Good space, just full of junk, ugly tile without grout, oh and there was a giant hole under the tub that the cats used as easy basement access.  Does all of this sound kind of chilling? Yep, cold actually.
First all the junk was either thrown away or relocated to another junk room.  Yep, we have another junk room otherwise known as the basement.  That is soon on the clean out agenda. Ted cracked up the ugly tile and tossed it into the trash.
Then a trip to Home Depot for the tub of my dreams.   It not only has jets to soothe my aching back but it keeps the water warm.  Oh, I may never come out.
We had to have the toilet that never ever needs plunging.  I think plungers are disgusting. Shouldn't all toilets be plunger free?   Ted had to have the one with the quiet closing lid.
We both agreed that our bathroom needed radiant floor heating. That was a no brainer. A thermostat that can be set to have warm toasty floors when I get up for work at o dark thirty. Soooooo necessary.
We weren't very pleased with the vanities that Home Depot carried so we went on over to Lowe's.  Sink, granite top, backsplash and vanity all in one and on Clearance. YES!
Okay, now this is where we had words.  I wanted slate. Ted kept reminding me just how difficult slate was to work with.  I know, I know, but I waaaant slaaaate.  I did start to whine a bit. It was worth it, I got slate.  Now that I said that, there were times in the next few days when we were laying the slate that he did remind me that "You just had to have slate".  Yes, it was a bit more work.  I have never laid slate tile before.  Thank you internet. Information super highway to the rescue. A whole corner of slate tile for the floor and tub surround. Boy was that heavy.
First the window had to be replaced.  It now opens.  Imagine that. A new concept.  No more air flow. That is unless the window is actually open.

The tub looked a whole lot littler up on the wall at Home Depot.  The box was hugundis.  We had to take it through the dining room.....
and into the bedroom.  Can you see how low the ceiling is? Oh my goodness. Is it going to fit into the junk I mean bathroom?
The bathroom project has been going on for a few weeks.  We keep working and are now seeing progress.  But did the tub fit?
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i hope you keep posting the progress! i can't wait to see the final results! i love projects!

Fleecenik Farm said...

Greetings From Farmington! I was wondering if you know of anyone who would be getting rid of middle aged ewes. We might also be looking for lambs. But our flock has succumbed to old age and we would like to add a couple of ewes.

We like wool breeds but would be willing to take a crosses. We would just be using them for orchard maintenance, wool and manaure.

CopperCreeker said...

HEY!!!!!! shame on you for leaving us hanging.
your a better woman than me... when OldMan starts a project... i hide my eyes and groan... then i try to find a place to hide :0)

Mike said...

Wow! I visited you this morning because I hadn't seen a post in a couple months. Glad to hear you're still around.

Ashling said...

Alot of work, but sounds like you'll be in the lap of cozy, decadent luxury. Makes the work worth it. Enjoy!!

PS..I love slate, too!

Melodie said...

It sounds like you a building MY dream bathroom :) ! I sure hope that tub fits and you don't have to install it on the back porch!

Diane@Peaceful Acres Farm said...

It looks GREAT Kelly!!! I am in total remodel envy!!! Our 26 yr old baths are in a lot of need for a redo. Can't imagine doing it though.

Any babies??? I'm sure there are! You are just over extended like the rest of us. Have a good rest in that tub of yours. You sure deserve it!!

Marigold said...

So glad to see you back posting! Now, tell me... is *hugundis* really a word? :)

Kelly said...

Jaz- I can't wait to post more progress. We just have to keep working to have something to post. Hahah!
Fleecenick Farm- I sent you an email. We are leaning toward goats. I would love to find all the sheep a wonderful home.

CopperCreeker- I'm getting to that stage. I just want it DONE!

Mike- Yep were still kicking. Just been so darn busy. It is good to be back and your comments are very dear.

Ashling- I adore slate. It is worth the extra work.

Melodie- A back porch hot tub. Hmmmm you may have a good idea there.

Diane- No babies yet. We kinda got a late start.

Marigold- Hugundis! It looks and sounds like a word. My word. LOL>