Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creek Bend It Is!

Finally, paint color chosen.  After helpful comments we did go with Creek Bend.  I really like the grays with the warm colors in the slate. The pictures just don't do it justice. 
Then came the time to put together the slate slatted shelf.  No words, just a lot of letters....AA  BB  CC DD EE.  Yikes!

Coffee in my chicken mug, a screw driver and directions.  What a way to spend a morning.

Not bad!  We really liked the color of the wood. It matched the vanity and our bedroom furniture.  The bedroom furniture is another post.  There is a reason that we took so long to finish the bathroom.  Did you think we were just being lazy? Did Ya...Did Ya...huh... Did Ya?

The colors are much richer than they appear in the pics.  We do get alot of sunshine in this room.
We still have a baseboard to complete but all of the caulking, sealing and touch ups are done.  

We ordered a track system for the shower curtain that will fit to the ceiling.  It should be in any day now. 
All in all it was a big challenge to go from.... this..
to this.
Now just 2 more bathrooms to go.  One upstairs and one downstairs.  That will just have to wait till after summer.  We can't wait to be outside again. With work, farm and renovations we are just tired to the bone.  Much Love.


Wreaths n Things said...

Wow, looks great! We have a bathroom we need to re-do too, I just keep putting it off.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

great job!!!! it looks terrific. the wood is perfect with the slate too! have you been soaking yet?

Misty Meadows said...

Wow!! What a big difference! You both did an awesome job!

Marigold said...

Goat grief! I thought I was going to pee my pants waiting for you to let us know which color you picked...except I guess I don't wear any pants...but then you get what I'm sayin'. I must say it has turned out beautifully!!!! You have passed test A and are now allowed to go on to do the rest of the house. :)

LindaSue said...

look fabulous - you did a great job and love the paint color!

Lee said...

Oooh, good choice!! Our husbands would get along! Our tub is in, cement board down, ready for drywall....

Diane@Peaceful Acres Farm said...

LOVE it! The color is perfect and draws the eye to the details in the room! Can't wait till Ted comes to do ours! Let me know when you need our address...I'm home most days! ;-)