Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whew! The holiday flew by.

What else is there to say. We had a wonderful Christmas with family galore. We did have to work Christmas Eve. Ted brought my daughter Tiffany and granddaughter Jasmine up from New Hampshire. They picked up my daughter Leah, Victor and my granddaughter Brianna from Bangor. They got there just in time for Alex and I to leave for work. Alex took time to nab a big hug from Brianna.
Leah had time to braid her hair and put beads in. I think she must have started listing to port with that weight. She was awake enough for a smile and a few dozen kisses before we had to leave. My daughter Sue and Tonya brought Alex's son Jake up and arrived early morning.
We got home on Christmas morning to a wonderful smell. The girls had started cooking. The turkey was in the oven. It felt so good to be home. We were so fortunate to have so many kids home at the same time. Jasmine is helping her Mom unwrap her presents too.
We started a Christmas tradition of building a gingerbread house. Each year the kids seem to get more on themselves and less on the house.

Tarah and Teddy came up from New Hampshire after visiting her family. They will both be at Thomas College this year together.
Even Ivy the Pug had a good time. We are working through a cold spell with lots of ice. We took a slide downhill backwards in the truck today. After that we went and got a small load of sand to spread over the drive. Hopefully we will have more traction tomorrow. We hope that everyone had a wonderful and happy Christmas. It seems that a lot of the everyday farm activities have slowed. Jasmine and I cleaned the chicken nesting boxes out yesterday. It smells better and the chickens seemed to approve. We hung another cabbage up in the coop. It was gone by the time we went to pick up eggs in the evening. No trace that it ever existed. We got 30 eggs from 40 hens today. That is pretty good for winter. We are having to keep the big brooder lights on in the hen house to keep them warm. It will be down in the 10's again this week. Brrrr...... Take care. Thank you to DC from Winnipeg for my first online soap order through my Etsy shop. That was a real thrill. We will be working three nights straight. Take care, keep warm. God Bless.


Peggy said...

from the photos you had a fun but busy Christmas. You have such a lovely family. I am going to try the cabbage with my chickens and see what they do.

Don said...

I agree with Peggy on all counts! Beautiful family, and it looks and sounds like you enjoyed all of your time together.

I am going to try the cabbage pinata too! Does it make their eggs taste cabbagey??

Country Girl said...

What a beautiful family. Glad to here you a wonderful holiday. What unit to you work on? My SIL's mother is in ICU up there after having an MI today.

Country Girl said...

I meant to ask, what do you do with all your eggs, do you sell them? I only got 8 eggs today from 2 dozen hens. :( ...we have been right around a dozen a day.
Have a nice weekend..hopefully your off. ~Kim

Kelly or Alex said...

Hi,Thank you to all, to Country Girl, We sell our eggs mostly to nurses @ EMMC-ICU. We want to put up a sign this spring (as soon as the ground thaws) to sell from the farm. We both work in the ICU--night shift. We have 2-250 watt brooder lights 24/7 in the coop to keep the girl warm and give them light. Im afraid they will get too cold.