Saturday, January 10, 2009

Off the Farm Time

Alex and I just came off of 3-12 hr night shifts, slept all day Friday because we were just beat. We decided that Saturday needed to have some off farm fun. So what can we do? We aren't the party all night crowd, not the shop till you drop crowd. We are more of the chicken and sheep folks. We were watching the news and there was a segment about Belt-Sander Races. What is that? I had never heard of it and never imagined it. So we decided to go. It was for a good cause and sounded like fun. We arrived at Dino's Pizza in Brewer, Maine and this is what we found.

Grown men and women with families in tow involved in a very serious drag race using modified tools as power source. It was a hoot. Everyone was having a great time. The reporter said that this sport started in a bar. I can just imagine how many beers it took to come up with this. I love it. A nice, family place to have a few beers, pizza and hot wings. Notice Santa on the Belt-Sander. He sand and bounced all the way down the track.

It was sponsored by many companies in Maine and put on by the United Bikers of Maine, Penobscot. This is the track, notice the power cord grooves in the center. These things flew past to everyone's amusement.

Then when all the races were completed it was time for the kids to get into the fun by themselves. I never knew that my palm sander could lead another life and purpose.

Notice in lane one a turtle, land two Scoobie Do, Lane three Nemo, Lane for T-Rex. It looks like Nemo took the blue ribbon. Scoobie was my favorite. He was a bobble head and he really rocked.
After a great afternoon we headed south to Thomas College in Waterville to pick up my son Teddy. He turned 19 today. We all went out to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Here is his room mate Juco and Teddy's girlfriend Tarah. What a beautiful ending to a fun day off the farm. I hope everyone is having a great New Year. Good night from all us chickens.


Don said...

How ridiculously fun was that!? I think some of the best cultural events get their start in a bar.

To answer your question about how cold is too cold for chickens, I think as long as they are protected from drafts, and they are active, I think they are fine. Right now, my coop is about 15 degrees, and the chickens are still laying and running around. I have a heat lamp and a little milkhouse heater going. It's -5 outside right now!!

Country Girl said...

Wow, I never heard of that type of REAL close to our farm. You'll have to swing by sometime on your way down.