Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Happenings

We hope that all mothers had a very special day regardless of being human or animals. The kids loved having extra hands for bottles. Tarah was home from Thomas College and had a great time feeding the goaties.

Ted spent Mothers Day installing all my new gifts. We will leave it at that. He and the kids coordinated the most spectacular Mothers Day of my life. I am still in awe. My mouth is still agape.

Thank you to Sue, Tiffany, Teddy, Tarah, Leah and Ted. We all feasted on 35 lobster. I did not mind steaming them at all. What a great feast. We have lobster meat in the freezer for a nice dinner of lobster rolls later on. Nothing tastes as good as Maine lobster. I hated to see them return home and I love each of them dearly.

We started working in the garden. Alex, Ted and Jasmine (my 6 yo granddaughter) made scare crows this weekend. Notice the scrubs.

They have pin wheel hands, pirate hats, googly eyes, cushion stuffing for hair. I don't know about the crows but they look kinda scary to me. Now every time I look out the window it takes me a second to realize that some strange people aren't in our garden.

We now have corn, peas, collards, cabbage and tomato plants in. The soaker hoses are doing a great job. This way we can water without having so much evaporate and not benefit the plants.

We plan on working on fence next weekend. The goats are able to come out after they get their morning bottle to forage on the new leaves. They eat and then get sleepy just like human babies. They had to take a nap. Soon they will have pasture and forage just for them. Fences will keep them out of trouble and our garden.

The true sign of spring in our yard aren't these beautiful lilacs just coming into bloom. It is the thousands of dandelions that are blooming everywhere.

I just got an email that my 2 nucs of bees will be in this weekend. Before I pick them up we have to go and pick up another hive body and all the foundation necessary to get them going. I'm still behind. It is wonderful to have spring here but we will be so happily busy working on the farm. We work for the next 3 nights at our real jobs and look forward to time to spend at home after. Best wishes and many blessings from Mainely Ewes Farm.

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