Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Happenings on the Farm

Spring is happening everywhere on the farm. I am forever in awe of the colors. Even the animals seem to realize there has been a big change. The cats hide in tall grass awaiting anything that will skitter, hop, fly or walk by taking pictures.

Even the dandelions tell a tale. The goats love to graze on their gorgeous yellow flowers. They provide nectar for the honey bee and a bouquet for small children who love to bring their blossoms into the house for moms and Nana's everywhere.

They pop up at every turn.

Our drive is edged by lovely crab apple and sand cherry trees. They fill the drive with their colorful beauty.

Up close the colors are an array of pinks and reds.

Apple blossoms fill every branch with their light fragrant scent drawing bees from everywhere.

What a perfectly pure white flower.

Even the Lilac celebrates the season. Our lilacs bloom for about 2 weeks perfuming the air with the most heady aroma and then they are gone.

It seems that any house that I have ever fallen in love with is near a cemetery. They were either across the street or right next door.
I guess it was destiny that we call this farm home. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.

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