Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Step Closer

It's best to look at things in steps so we don't get so overwhelmed. We are one step closer to having a garden. Last year the weeds and bugs got the best of our garden. They completely took over and won. This year we are fighting back. We have added a Huskee 8hp walk behind tiller to our arsenal. It is a bright pretty red. A little dusty right now from the tilling that Alex did on Monday. Today we had a nice slow rain that will sink in and get the ground ready for plants. All we need now is for Mother Nature to crank up the heat.
Here is another step. We have fencing. The pastures beckon. The goats need room to roam. We are in the market for any strong backs to help put this stuff up. Any takers?

And today we got one more step in this process. The rolls of fence have been distributed into the pasture to await our next 4 day stretch off to put it up. It comes in handy having a truck to move the rolls. They weigh a ton. Well, not quite a ton, but they sure are heavy.
We are back to work for the next 3 nights. Things will have to be in limbo for that time. Alex went shopping today and bought plants for the garden. They sit on the outside table awaiting planting. We have plans. We have to work to support our habit. Our homesteading habit that is.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Beverly said...

Hi there. I thought I would stop by to answer your guinea questions. Here are some suggestions.... We have found that raising guineas with a few chickens helps to get the guineas accustomed to roosting on the farm...and not wandering all over the county. As they get mature, we begin by allowing them to free range for the last part of the day. The chickens teach them to return to the chicken coop to roost. Eventually, the guinea take to roosting in a nearby tree. We have found that without the chicken tutors, the guineas wander off and perhaps one of our troups has made it to Maine by now!! LOL!

I usually start with about 18 of them. You know, though, as loud as 18 can be...you might as well have 30!!! You will lose a certain amount anyways to predators. So, go with 30.

Best of luck....if you have anymore questions...email me. Beehavenmaven@aol.com

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

you have a lovely farm and great blog
I would kill for your space....
I only have just over an acre

best wishes