Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet the Ladies of Mainely Ewes Farm

We just came off of 3 nights on and are just getting rested up. We have had a little time with our Icelandic Sheep and after much contemplation we have come up with the girls names. This sweet, shy lady is now to be known as Elspeth. She is 2 years old but very mature for her age. She stands back and will only come up after she knows that everything is okay. We have been hand feeding them since they arrived. At this time they do not need grain. We continue to feed them so that they can become more friendly.

This saucy wench will remain Carlotta. She flips her head/horns when she doesn't get her way. So to us she just seems to have a little attitude. The name just fits.

Please meet Moriah. She is sweet and quiet.

This ewe is more outgoing and reminds me of my mother. They both have the same color hair. LOL. I'm okay, she doesn't have the Internet and I'm safe. Both of their names are Esther. I have to tell her about this. I'm sure I will pay and dearly.

As time goes by the girls become more accustomed to us and today they have started bleating and come running when they hear our voices. We spent the day in the pasture putting up the insulators for the electric fence. The would raise their heads and check our progress. I guess they don't want to appear too forward.

You may be asking yourself, why is Alex standing between two posts? Maybe not!
In previous posts I mentioned that she is an artist and even featured some of her paintings on the blog. She has been busy painting our sign. Now that we actually have sheep we can put up our sign. We are so proud!
We all are very proud of this outstanding and greatly expected day.
The tail of the sign is for smaller signs as we have products of the farm available, like pasture raised chickens and eggs, handmade goatmilk soap, wool and roving, lamb, kid (we have a USDA butcher near) and anything else that we can think of.

We are exhausted from so much work on the farm today. The garden is coming along, we attacked a few weeds, mowed the lawn, cut some limbs, cleaned the nesting boxes out and put a nice dusting of diamaticious earth to prevent mites and lice, and a nice comfy layer of hay for the girls, cleaned out the goat stalls, built a hay rack for the goats, and cleaned out the barn. Whew!
I thought this was an appropriate picture to bring this blog to a close.
The End!
Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.