Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Busy To Blog!

How did that happen? Our bodies ache and there is still work to do. It seems to never end. While we actually take a break and rest, our minds are full of "This needs to be done, I can roll over there and pick that up." We have never been so tired, nor so fulfilled. Alex said yesterday that she hasn't smiled so much in years, as she has since the animals began arriving. They have that way about them. Let us start in order. We have always had drainage issues around the barn. The roof is at least 30x50 and sheets thousands of gallons of water with each rainfall. This water stands around the barn because so much of our soil is clay. Kevin was able to trench the remaining side of the barn for us. We laid 300ft of perforated drainpipe covered with porous cloth (french drain)then covered with small rock. We are no fools, we rented a small Bobcat and Ted went to work shoveling the rock in layers under and over the pipe. Then he covered it with our hard clay crappy soil again.

Alex is helping spread the rock. I do work too, someone had to take the picture! Oh, how I long for the Prima Dona days when I can lounge around eating bon-bons. Hah! Yea Right!

Here is the Bob Cat covering over all that lovely, expensive rock. How can rock cost so much? We have thousands and thousands of rocks in Maine. How about I send them a few for them to grind?

We still have to hire a large grader and operator to move this soil and make the ground level. This little guy just doesn't have the power nor weight to do the job.

Next job, off to the big box store! Some people don't like these stores. I love them. I know, they have run out the mom and pop stores but they have everything! Sorry to the truly granola eaters.

Alex paying for the supplies to build fence corners. Money in money out. Just that fast.

We have small children working on the farm as day labor. (no, this is Jasmine my 6yo granddaughter. She is cheap. Crayons and chocolate milk are her pay. Oh, and many hugs from this Nana.)

The last corner support and then the fencing begins.

Here is the pasture all fenced. You really can't see the fence but take my word for it. It's there!!!
Alex made this chicken escape hatch. They are now free range again! There is a small board across the upper end and at the bottom. Why, you may ask, or not. But, the goaties are still small enough to crawl in on their knees. It is cute to watch, however, the hens go crazy when the goats come into the coop to eat their grain. It ain't good for the goats either!

After a very had week of work we had a wonderful bonfire with the neighbors. We had hot dogs and smores. This is what Maine life is all about. We love and appreciate each and every day/night of our summers. There is something about 4ft of snow that really makes you appreciate them. More to tell in just a few. Our surprise is next. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.

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