Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain and Early Mornings

I don't usually do early mornings. I have worked too many years of the 7p-7a shift and there are some nights that I just can't sleep. Last night was one of those nights. I dislike these nights immensely. It is great when I can come home on my last morning, sleep for a few hours and get up. I may still be tired, but it allows me to reset my internal clock. There isn't a whole lot of farm work that you can do at night so this is a necessity. Thank goodness we have cats. When I cant sleep they are up with me. I finally gave up trying to sleep about 3:30am and got up. I am still amazed that we have such early daylight. At this time of year it gets dark around 9pm and daybreak about 3-3:30. Abbey was up looking out the window. It has rained steady for about a week now. We along with much of the population have puddles, water logged streams and weeds in the garden. We are enjoying not having to water the garden. I feel for the farmers that are under water. My heart goes out to them.

Abbey saw Timba in the pasture. He loves to hunt. Abbey will go out and hunt occasionally, however, she is the most "indoor" cat we have.

This will one day be where we will have our pigs. Right now it is being populated with daises.

The sheep are up early grazing. They love the buttercups and other weeds in their pasture. The goats are still asleep in the barn. We are waiting for a few dry sunny days so we can start haying the pasture.

One of Alex's favorite pastimes is looking on Uncle Henry's for deals. We have used the barter method and I love it. There are times when we have to pay but we feel like we always get a deal. Theses two gates will grace our pastures to gain access for the tractor and the delivery on Monday, June 29 of Fuzzy the llama. We got these two gates for what we would have paid for just one new. What a deal.

The broiler chicks are growing by leaps and bounds. I can see a difference in their growth overnight.

The poults are growing too. The still have the heat lamp on them to prevent a chill but we raise it to keep them from being too warm.
We had a few warm sunny days but seem to be back in a rainy trend. Temps in the 60's. How I miss those warm sunny day!
(We have had such cloudy days that I haven't been able to get online to post. We have Wild Blue Satellite and it stinks in the best of times, clouds really muss things up)
Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm

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