Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tying Up Loose Ends

Today was the day to get caught up and finish a few jobs. We hate having jobs around the farm left undone. The turkeys are happy with their enclosed house with the snazzy front porch. After covering the trench and french drain we had bumps and lumps from the clay that we were unable to get spread with the little back hoe we rented. Too big of a job. We have a neighbor that has a grader who was able to spread and level the bumps and lumps. For a fee. A fee we gladly paid. Now the yard is smooth and we are awaiting grass.
The goats needed to be de-wormed. We would like to keep as organic as possible. I won't do anything that would cause harm to the animals. I have read great results and rave reviews on a product called Garlic Barrier. The Shepard that we bought the sheep from made a drench and gave it monthly with great results. She mixed 10ml Garlic Barrier and 10ml Apple Cider Vinegar. This is the first time that I have drenched the goats. I was afraid I would make a mistake and get it into their lungs. Hey, I'm an ICU nurse, I worry about these things.

Edward, Bella and Sophie thought the concoction was horrible but they didn't cough, a lot of gaging but no coughing. I now smell like I ate at an Italian restaurant. Whew, I need to shower the garlic off. We have had the fence chargers installed on the fence posts for about three weeks. The weather has been so rainy it was hard to find the time to get out there and string the electric fence. There is just something scary about playing with electricity in the rain. The charger is in place and will knock the teeth out of your mouth. Just ask Ted. He was our fence tester. I don't think that we can ever get him to do that again.

Take this sign with good warning. It is powerful!

Ok, I need help. This little character is our free bird we got with the Cornish Rock X roos from Murray McMurray Hatchery. I swear they stuck in a chicken hawk in disguise. Does anyone know what breed chicken this is? We think it is a roo. We are hoping for a roo. Poor Sampson works himself to death trying to keep up with all the hens.

He/she is smaller than the broilers but boy does it have attitude.

That is about all for now. We are all beat and in need of a shower. We hope that all is well with our friend Peggy. She is near and dear to our heart. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


John Gray said...

i would love a couple of hens like him

katiegirl said...

Looks very much like a pullet to me. I'm not sure what breed...maybe a poor example of a Light Brahma? Are there feathers on her legs?

katiegirl said...

Hmm...scratch the Light Brahma idea. I definitely think it looks girly to me. I hope not for your sake though!