Monday, November 16, 2009

A Sheep and Goat Kind of Day

We have had that kind of day. It started off with a package from Tonya from Flat Creek Wool and Pottery. I had ordered some Christmas presents and they arrived. It's so nice to get packages in the mail. This mug is Ewenice and the ornament is Ewenice too. See what I mean about a sheep kind of day?

Now the goat part of our day.... It was time to trim hooves. I will admit that I have been a bad goatmama. The littles have not had their hooves trimmed. Honestly, I was afraid. Afraid I would trim them too close and hurt them. But now...I went to Goat School. I trimmed the hooves of the deceased goats so I wouldn't hurt my babies. And to be completely honest again, I was still afraid. Afraid I would take too much off. Poor Sophie was the first. We took our time. She was patient for such a little girl. Of course a little grain in a bowl of hay kept her busy. She was picking through the hay trying to get every last piece of feed with those little goatie lips. Her hooves may still be a bit long but I didn't cut her. Actually, I did a rather good job on all of the littles. They all look beautiful and have nice feet too.

After this harrowing experience I got to reward all of us. I sat in the stall and took a goat break. Even Carina got into the love fest. She has been a bit standoffish. I think she is starting to warm up to us now. We made some changes for her. All of the goats have switched over to a sweet feed rather than pellet food. Even the littles liked this change. Now Carina finishes all of her grain. Just look at those lips. Ain't she sweet.

Isabella wanted to get in line early for feeding. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was about 3 hours early.

Edward wanted to get into the Twilight/New Moon mood. Here is his Cullen look. Sensitive but a bit standoffish.

Now for a big surprise. We got a call from a neighbor last night asking if we would like to take 2 Angora and Cashmere mixed goats. We were ecstatic. Yes, we said. Emphatically, YES! They're mother and daughter. This is Mercedes (renamed Sadie, after my grandmother) and no name (renamed Curly Shirley). Nothing, and I mean nothing around her doesn't have a name. Except for food. We don't name food.

Carina and the group are getting used to the additions. After all, they were new at one time too. Now they are family. One big goatie family.

The outdoor flock came closer to check out the new arrivals. I'm sure that they will all get along in time. Right now there is a bit of pushing and shoving till the pecking order is achieved. Sadie seems to hold her own. I fear the littles will still be on the bottom of that order again.

Our farm keeps growing and changing. I guess that is how life is too. Forever changing. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Becky said...

Wow!! Cashmere and Angora goats! How cool! Do either of you know how to spin? I would love to learn one day.
Sounds like a great day :)

Lisa T. said...

Oh, I just love the new goats! (I actually typed sheep at first, sorry curly sheep-like goats).

Too cute.


Fearless Nester said...

Oh they are all so precious. Love seeing all their sweet poses and personalities in your pictures. I too am a bit skittish about clipping nails...on my parrot...but at least he's used to it by now.

Kelly or Alex said...

Becky-No we don't know how to spin. It is something that we have always wanted to do, especially Alex. We have to get a wheel. The lady who we got the goats from spins and has offered to teach us. I'm looking for that spare time we have packed away somewhere.

Lisa-I know. I think they are sheep with a goat voice. LOL

Fearless- I think I would treat that parrot with respect. At least goats don't bite, parrots can do some damage.

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment. We love reading them. They make our day.

katiegirl said...

Love the new goaties! And that picture of Edward is very nice!! Love the lighting.

Beverly said...

What wonderful additions to your farm....congratulations!!

Life is good! said...

i love your goat family! all of them are darling! hope ewe all have a great thanksgiving! i know i am just too funny.