Wednesday, November 4, 2009

List Completed!

Whew! We finally completed the last "To DO" on the list. Now we have a Ta Dah List. We started this list mid summer. We have lived in Maine just over 2 years and have learned how winter can sneak up on you. The weatherperson forecasted a dusting of snow for Friday morning. I'm okay with that. It is November and not that unusual. I did have a bit of problem when we got snow in October. Now that is just too early. It felt so good to write the Completed on the list. I even used a Sharpie. No going back now. It's done!

Our last item was to change the light bulb in the well house. See, our well house is near the top of the hill in the apple orchard. I say apple orchard loosely. It needs a lot of work to become a true apple orchard again. We have plans. On our way we took a new picture for the blog. This is Mainely Ewes Farm in late fall splendor.

Ted drove the tractor up. You never know when you just might need a tractor.

How many farmers does it take to change a light bulb? 3-1 to take the picture, 1 to decide that she isn't going in there, and the 1 who gets voted as the light bulb replacer. I just love democracy.

Not the most comfortable spot. Kind of damp and ewwwy. Is ewwy a word? Nope, but you know exactly what I mean.

There, light bulb changed. Now the pump wont freeze up in a blizzard. Think maybe that happened before? Yep, now we change the bulb in good weather. See, we're learnin.
Now for a nice walk through our woods. The look on Alex's face says it all. When you are 5'4" you don't follow the 6'3" person through brambles. She just couldn't win.

He is deathly afraid of spiders. He finds no humor in our imaginary sightings. There...there...there.

We came across this old pair of pants, a belt and a vest. Ted was sure we would find a body. I think he has been watching CSI way too much. He wanted to send some of the dirt for DNA testing.

This fuzzy caterpillar was hiding out on a lichen. We almost missed him.

The log covered with lichens really fascinated me. Such soft cool colors. All natural, no dyes or preservatives needed. We need to take lessons from nature.

At one time the previous farmer had chicken pens in the woods. Such a cool latch. We plan on returning with tools to remove them. What an ingenious latch. Simple.

We never walk in the woods alone. Oreo loves to accompany us.

Emma and Lucy are getting so big. Getting a picture of either one of them still is a lesson in patience.

Got it...

Two dogs and millions of sticks in the woods. They have to have the same one.

Emma listening to a rustle in the leaves......

After a nice long walk in the woods we are greeted by the girls.

Oreo picks a different trail, away from the pups.

They can't stop wrestling all the way home and Oreo doesn't want to be a chew toy. They never hurt him. Just slobber all over him. How demeaning.

Our guineas have finally decided to use their outside perch. The get up but can't figure out how to get back into the yard. Like Bev from Bee Haven Acres says, "they have 1/2 brain split between all the birds". No joke.

What a beautiful walk in the woods. Now that the list is done I can begin making soap in earnest and Alex can start making her cheese. After such a busy spring, summer, and fall it will be nice to work indoors. Oh, I feel an Inside To Do List coming on. I am Virgo therefore I make lists. What can one do? Much love and prayers to all from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Becky said...

What an amazing feeling it must be to have your list completed! Bring on the snow, right? :)

katiegirl said...

Great pictures! I can't believe how fast those pups are growing!

And great job with your Ta-Dah list! You're the inspiration for the list on my blog. Good motivation!

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

Kelly, I really enjoyed walking with you through your Maine woods. I'm wondering where the body is too? That's too bones? That is a really cool latch. I loved reading all about your time at the Goat School and pulled out my recent copy of Hobby Farm and there it was! I'd love to do that, but it's a bit far from Maryland. Anyway, I enjoy reading your crazy life as much as I love living mine!

LIsa said...

This post is hysterical! I read it aloud to my husband over breakfast and kept turning the computer around to show him the photos. The photo of peering into the well is great! But poor Ted, you ladies should not tease him so with the imaginary spiders as he had just been brave enough to change the light bulb. Poor guy!

Kelly or Alex said...

Becky- I know the "in thing" to do around here is complain about snow. I have never complained about snow for the last 12 years. I truly love it.

Katiegirl- I think the pups grow every day. I saw your list on the blog. Now that is a great idea.

Diane- We don't get to go for walks nearly enough as we would like. Time has its way of slipping by. When we do go for walks we are like kids. We have fun, run with the pups, look under logs. Just fun. Goat school was a real treasure. Janice and Ken are a wealth of info. If you ever get a chance to come up it would be worth your time and money. Times is tough now and everyone is having to cut back.

Lisa- Thank goodness Ted is a good sport. He has to be in order to live with me for 13 years. He gets his share of fun in picking at me too. LOL

Thank you all for stopping by. We love to read your comments.


Country Girl said...

My to do list is not done. That snow real did wake me up to the realization that winter is not far. Lovely pics of your day. We have a cat that looks like Oreo but her name is Cookie. LOL. I am going to attempt making soap again soon. Do you have any previous posts on soap making?? ~Kim

Country Girl said...

Just answered my own question regarding the soap post. I was reading back and saw the Goat soap post. Your bars look great. No ingredients listed though. I too would love to set up a booth at the CGF just don't have a clue as to what I'd sell. Just seems like a real fun event to be involved it. I just picked up some lard and thought I'd give a try at making soap with that & lye. We will see.....

Farm Chick Paula said...

Congrats on finishing your list! Enjoyed seeing all the beautiful pictures... that is a little scary about the clothes, though.. I'm like Ted- I've been watching too many Cold Case Files and I would still be looking for a body! LOL