Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kitchen Flooring

I think this picture says it all. We have been living in a half finished kitchen. Looking back we have come so far.  We can really see progress in the house. It is difficult to spread ourselves between the house and farm.  This floor had been partially installed by the previous owner. No grout. Nada.  The tiles would occasionally pop up by themselves.  We made due. Enough of making due. We want floors. 


We had to use a cement type of filler to make the floor even.  The missing tiles would cause problems when we put the laminate flooring in.  Ted mixing the leveler. I tried this and it ain’t fun!


Finally, the sub flooring can go down. 1/2 inch plywood to even things out.  We were so happy to have some areas where the whole sheet would fit in without cuts.


It took small cuts and pieces to fit into the edges. Surprise! Our kitchen isn’t square. Whahahhahahah……..  Hey, it was a barn. Honestly, the kitchen was the barn at one time.


It is terrible to say but, the subflooring looks better than the original floor ever did.


The office even looks better.


The mud room looks nice. See this shop vac.  We have used it as our main vacuum cleaner since we moved in. Oh, the joy of being able to use a Swifter.  Sweet anticipation.


It took 3 days work to get to this point but here we are.  The Pergo flooring is going down.  We chose Pergo because of the pups, mud, farm life coming inside and it is sturdy. Welcome Potomac Hickory. We love you.


Nothing is easy. Each piece has to be hand cut next to the door. Like I said, nothing is square.


Snap, click, tap. That is our song.


The office is looking good. Alex waits for us to get there. After a bit your knees and back refuse to go on.


Whoo Hoo! The office is done. Ain’t she pretty?


Southside of the kitchen complete captain.


We have finished the kitchen. Working now on the 6” baseboards and black kick plate under the cabinets.  I will post the finished photos in a couple of days.  It is so exciting. I can’t wait to show you our new complete kitchen. Okay, now the other floors have to get done. But wait, we need to put 3 new pastures in for the sheep and goats. Time and money. That is what we need.

Much Love and Prayers from the ever changing Mainely Ewes Farm.  Kelly


katiegirl said...

The new floors look great!!!

Terri said...

What an awesome job! You are lucky to have a hardworking son! We need to borrow him, for like maybe the summer? Just beautiful!

Becky said...

Gorgeous floors! Great job!