Friday, August 27, 2010

Floors and Sheep

Oh it is so exciting to see these tired old floors blossom into something that makes us so proud. This is after only one coat of poly.
I had to work last night so Ted put an additional 2 coats of poly on the floors.  I can't wait to get home in the morning to see the results.
This chimney in our kitchen has needed painting for the longest.  You can see where the old drop ceiling was and the old kitchen was painted white.  We tore the wall down between two rooms and expanded the kitchen.  If the chimney was not painted we would have left it natural. However....
It needed help!
We took the wood stove chimney flu out and put it into the barn and painted, painted, painted.  We liked it so well that we decided to keep it white.
Here is Truffles.  He is feeling much better now.  We came into the pasture and he came running to us.  No fever. I gave him an additional injection of Penicillin just to be safe and sprayed his wound with the Blue Kote. He is such a sweet boy.
The wound was just behind his ear. It was difficult to take the picture, he wanted a treat.
Here is Echo with his beautiful twisting horns.  We are using him t breed our ewes this year.  Poor Truff has to sit this one out.  We don't want to pass on his horn genetics to our flock.  We are keeping him for a friend.  He is still part of the family.
Another busy time between working out and working on the farm.  We do have a John Deere Girl update.  It has been three weeks ago that they came to get her.  Evidently after working on her this long there is still a problem.  We want her fixed and working the way she should.  We will be getting a loner tractor tomorrow so we can get the wood split and put some more fence posts in.  Not having our tractor has set us back a bit. We finally got a good day of rain and the pasture has greened up a bit.  One more cut and we will be done for this year.  We have noticed a cooling of temps lately.  Nights are in the 40-50's and days in the 70-80's. I love this weather.  Hope that everyone is feeling cooler temps. 
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Peggy said...

We are having a week of cool weather before it goes back to hot and humid. I am enjoying every second. I also enjoyed seeing your beautiful floors. Your house is a perfectly beautiful farmhouse that you can feel love flowing from. I love it!

katiegirl said...

We've gotten a bit of a break as well!! It's really nice to feed in the mornings and not sweat!

Glad Truffles is feeling better!

daydreamer81 said...

Wow, your floor looks great! I would love to restore an old farm house! You guys are doing a great job!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

looking great around there

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

Oh WOW! The floors turned out beautifully!!!! Great job! When you're done can you send Ted down, we have a few jobs for him! ;)

LindaSueBuhl said...

the floors are looking great - and I love the painted chimney - yes it would have been nice left "brick" but impossible to get the old paint off so you made the best possible choice. Glad Truf is healing up -

Becky said...

Gorgeous floor!! Glad Truffles is on the mend :)