Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summertime=Bangor State Fair 2010

No summer would be complete without a visit to the Bangor State Fair.  Last year we completely missed the agricultural exhibits.  Evidently the fair grounds goes way back. This year we visited the farm animals.  A whole barn was designated for farm animals.
Look who we visited. Sadie and Shirley Curly.  A few weeks before the fair we had a visit from Brenda. She manages the exhibits for the Bangor 4H.  She wanted to have both Shirley and Sadie come and stay for the duration of the fair.  The girls thought is was a good idea.  The other goats thought it would be nice to have time away from the pushy girls.  We took carrot treats.  After we fed the girls we saw the sign that said, "don't feed the animals".  I hope that didn't pertain to parents of the animals. They were happy to see us. They said so, LOUDLY.
The girls had their own story to tell.
We know they are special and evidently the judges thought so too.  Word of advise. Don't put anything that could possibly thought edible within the reach of a goat.  I think they liked their ribbon too.
Talk about babies. Wow! This sow is such a good mom. Look, dalmatian piglets.
This little guy is pocket size. I want pigs.
This lady had a calf that kept hiding. I guess he had enough attention.

A milk cow.  This could be very confusing to small children.
No visit to the fair would be complete without a trip to the  rides
the midway for a few games
and fair food. Need I say more?
This lady is a celebrity of sorts in Maine.  She is The Marden's Lady. Otherwise known as the comedian Birdie Googins.  It was a pleasure meeting her.  Her comedy routine is a hoot.
Another year complete.  We have been working hard on the farm both indoors and out.  The weather has been beautiful with warm days and cool nights. We could use some of the rain that our friends in Tennessee are getting slammed with.  Sending hopes and prayers for everyones safety.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


taylorgirl6 said...

So much fun! Our fair begins next week. I'm already craving and elephant ear.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Looks like great fun - few events as Americana as state fairs. Glad the girls got to show off and what a hoot about them chewing their prize ribbon!

Fearless Nester said...

That's so funny that the Marden's lady was there! And that chewed upon ribbon image was priceless! ~Lili

katiegirl said...

Fairs are one of the best parts of summer! I love the picture of milking the cow!