Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gettin Things Done

We have been taking advantage of the summer months to their fullest.  Our days are crammed with activities.  No rest for now. That can come in the winter months when we are toasty inside.  Warm weather is now!  Work is now!  After a summer shower we noticed a small sliver of water on the chimney in the kitchen.  After a quick, panicked  trip to the attic we noticed that we could see daylight next to the chimney.  Off to Home Depot to pick up a couple tubes of roof caulking and sealer.  Okay, now up the ladder.  Not me, Ted. I don't do heights well at all.  I found this out a few years back when we climbed a nice big boulder in Gloucester, Massachusetts and I had to be rescued by Ted. I don't do ladders. He on the other hand is comfortable on the roof.  Thank goodness.  Caulk away man. I'm right down here, I got your ladder.
We have our bales of hay in order.  One more haying at the end of this month and we will be set.  That is if these goofs will quit playing chase on top of the bales.  Get off of there this minute. Ted, you are not setting a good example for the girls. Ya got a love em.
Our guniea hens began setting on their nest a few weeks ago. Of course they didn't lay the eggs in the coop where it is safe, clean, dry with food and water readily available.  They had to lay their clutch between two stacks of wood, outside in the open. Here fox, raccoon, hawk, want a free meal. 
They did hatch out a total of 16 keets.  We caught them and put them into the brooder where they would
be safe and not get lost.  Guineas will walk off and forget they have young.  Little keets scattered in the grass. 
Inside we have been working on the floors sanding and getting them ready for stain and poly.  It is dusty work removing many layers of old varnish and stain. 
This is a big improvement and we are still working.
We started sanding and realized that there was too much damage from an old leaky tub.  Scary but we pulled up the old floor planks. Unbelievable amount of nails later and a good vacuum.
New flooring down and ready for a good sanding to blend with the old.  The big poster board covers a hole.  We had the water pipes in the bathroom moved to an interior wall.  They were on the north facing exterior wall and would freeze in the winter.  Not a good idea. We will frame in the area and have an access door for the pipes.  Right now it's poster board. Real fancy don't ya think?
We found an antique grate that closely matches our big grate.  Years past they had coal heat in the basement and the big grate above allowed the heat to rise and warm the upper floors.  It was important to us to keep this in the new flooring.
We found a local craftsman to re work our staircase.  All of the spindles were there and the handrails are mahogany.  He is working on stripping and repainting the spindles and posts white.  Making any needed repairs and re installing them. I can't wait. We even found the support post in the barn.  Just take care going downstairs. 
The pups are even tired.
The spiders are busy again this year.
We have found our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Working hard and enjoying the time.  There is a certain amount of satisfaction received when you can look at a job well done.  Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Sandra said...

Excellent post and photos; work for the night is coming...
I believe, firmly, that a LOT of the ills of this country could be negated by folks working. Working, not collecting a check just by reaching into the mailbox, not getting on yet another government program.

LindaSueBuhl said...

You have summed up very well the work, timing and satisfaction of a more hands on life. The "pups" are doing what I hope to do later today - enjoying some good deep rest!

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

I love your pot of gold! and your poster board!!! There is never a lack of things to be done.

Fearless Nester said...

Oh my goodness that new picture of your farm with the rainbow is wonderful! Worthy of being the new header if you ask me. Oh I just had to chuckle at how the word "attic" came out while you were talking about your fear of heights! My you sure accomplish a lot there on your beautiful farm! ~Lili

katiegirl said...

There's lots going on up there! Everything is looking great. I know it'll be nice to have all the renovations done and be able to fully enjoy the house. I love the rainbow picture!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly! It all looks so good. You all have really been busy. (In my mind I said ya'll)

I love the grate and the stairs will be beautiful!
It is good that Ted is not afraid of heights. He looks as if he has been very busy also.

We were just talking this morning about how many little things that need catching up on and around the house and the farm. Our heat and humidity has been very bad this year making outside stuff almost unbearable. Fall is our catch up outside job time.

Great job on it all there!

I can't wait to see the stair rails, flooring, and the rest.
Have a great day.

Becky said...

Wow! Everything is looking great! What a lot of hard work you've put in. Those stairs and floors are going to be gorgeous!