Sunday, September 16, 2012

Both Sad and Happy Day

We had been feeling a bit pressured to keep up with all of the sheep.  Feed and hay bills can be a bit intimidating when you begin to get too many sheep.  Then there is shearing and de worming and hoof trimming.  They are a pleasure but the list goes on and on.  We had a visit from a neighbor this last summer.  Gina loves to spin and was looking to start her own flock.  We were offering Esther and Moriah for sale.  Gina was excited and wanted to take them home after she was able to get her fences up.  We took Esther and her lambs over in the truck with the topper.  Gina brought her Jeep to get Moriah a couple of days later. 


Icelandics are easily transportable in a Jeep.  Moriah and her lamb seemed right at home.

I was sorry to see them go.  Cutting back is never easy.

Everyone is happy. Esther is the escape artist at her new farm too.  The boys are now wethers.  Plenty of weeds, small trees and leaves to eat.  We can visit since they are right down the road.  Life goes on.
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm


jaz@octoberfarm said... least you know they have a nice home!

Peggy said...

I always cry when we sell one of the goats or any of our animals. I know they are going to good, loving homes but its still a little sad. BTW love you manure spreader!!!

Kelly said...

Jaz- Yes, that is the only way they leave the farm.
Peggy-I was so tired when they left that I felt numb. Now I miss them and want my ladies back. I'm so glad they have a good home but they are always welcome here if they need to come back.

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad your babies went to a good home. We are considering sheep for the first time, just a trial (loaners!) from a friend over the winter... but we are able to see if it is something that we want to do. Yours are lovely.

LindaSue said...

I have missed having any livestock SO much - when we had a large herd and were selling goats often saw a few interesting methods of transport - one man just put a full grown (dehorned!) buck and doe in back seat of a camry! He told us "no problem" - so better him than me.

Jj Starwalker said...

It is sad to see "old friends" leave home. Even our ducks/ducklings (as they were prolific in making more this year) leave us sad when some go to new homes. However, I think one of them "blew back in" on the past wind storm! Day before, the count was 15... same as it has been for weeks. Morning after the storm, K's "beak count" hit 16! He repeated the count and they actually stood still for me to get a count later in the day. Sixteen it now is; they are all the same kind (no wayward Mallard) and we seem to recognize a voice that was missing from the chorus for a while. The last ones sold did not go THAT far away, but I am not in contact with the buyers, so 16 it will stay.

Marigold said...

At least you know they have a good home and you can see them. I'm sure they are happy with new things to eat and new places to explore. It is hard, though, to part with our friends.

Kelly said...

Mary Ann: You will love the sheep. The lambs are so worth the trouble.
LindaSue-I have seen a llama in a van. The animals really don't mind.
JJ-That is great. Sell the duck again. You can make money like that. LOL.
Marigold-I agree and that does help.