Friday, September 28, 2012

Magic Mesh, Not So Magic!

I tried something this summer that I don't usually do.  I admit that I fell for TV advertisement. Hey, it looked like a really easy and cheap fix.  We have bugs here in Maine.  Mosquitoes that will carry you off.  Flies that want to join you inside. We have a barn and it was built 100 yrs ago, very close to the house. Get the picture?
The Magic Mesh temporary screen system.  It is easy open and will snap closed with magnets as you exit.  Sounded good.  The picture of the dog was the big selling point.  Emma and Lucy could come and go as they pleased.  What they do now is come in, sit down, go to the door and woof to go back out. I am well trained because I get up and let them back out.  Same thing in about 15 minutes.  Makes for a very long day.

Easy assemble. It comes with velcro strips that you pin in place after everything is put up. Simple.

Kinda cool, allowing for an open view and plenty of fresh air.  Did I mention that our house has 32 windows and 4 doors?  Plenty of wonderful cross ventilation. No AC here.

Well, it worked well for about 3 weeks.  Then the magnets started falling apart and the screen just couldn't hold up.  Emma and Lucy loved the freedom. However, it turned out to be a one season product.  It just couldn't hold up to two huge dogs running in and out all day. 

I went online and found a web site that made screen doors that #1 had a dogie door (panel at bottom center) #2 could be made in custom sizes.  Yep, no two doors in our house are the same size.  It was the cool thing to do 160 years ago.  Doors of varying size.  We have enlarged the two kitchen doors and made them standard. After all, our kitchen was the barn 100 years ago and the resizing was simple.  However, the front door is small with low ceilings and can't be enlarged.  So, custom screen doors with a dogie door will be added next spring.  Coppa Woodworking in California is the most reasonable in price and will graciously ship.  I have to save my nickels and dimes to pay for them.  Emma and Lucy are waiting expectantly. I guess for now I have to get up and let them out. Or sit here and get woofed at. Hmm...
Much Love and Prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i used one of those things for one summer and had the same experience. hope the new doors work for you!

Mike said...

Lot of those on TV miracles never work out.

Used to hold Higgins up to look out the window in the door. Bought a full glass storm door and leave the main door cracked so he can look on is own. He still pesters me to pick him up to look out.

Tombstone Livestock said...

I think you will be happier with a wooden screen door with doggie door. Besides there is just something old time county about the sounds a wood screen door makes. I have one on the little house out back and love the sounds it makes. Another old time your in the country sound is the crunch of a gravel driveway as you walk or a car drives in. Sounds of good memories. Somethings clicking magnets just cannot duplicate.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Thank you for this post! I told my son this product was to good to be true. I had read a review in Parade magazine and it got the big thumbs down, now I shall show him your post. Have a good weekend, Julie.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I saw that infomercial and wanted to get the screen panels because I liked the sounds of the magnets. LOL Good thing I didn't order them.