Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall is in the Air

We awoke to temps in the low 50's this morning. I got up and ran around closing windows and turning fans off. Brrrr..... We didn't have summer until 3 weeks ago, then we hit the high 80's to 90's and thought we were going to die. Friday's lows in the 30's-40's. Who forcasted this weather? I want my money back. I feel like we were ripped off. Okay, so it's not so bad. Actually it made me want a cup of hot tea. Now that I think about it, I love fall weather. It was kind of nice being in the 70's today. I could wear jeans without feeling like I would melt. The cooler temps made us think about the things we needed to do to get ready for winter. Our chicken coop is in the barn. We had the door opening on the side last winter. We really realized what an error that was with the 3-4th snowfall. When the snow sheds off the barn it piles up in front of the door preventing us from being able to open it. This year we wanted to move the door to the end of the barn. Now we can use the snow blower so the girls can come out and get
some sunshine on warmer days.

Ted worked all morning opening up a door on the end and closing the existing door. It ain't pretty but you just wait till spring. The barn is on our to do list. Ted had plenty of company from the girls. They gathered around checking out his work.

The goats, sheep and llama are really coming together as a flock. They enjoy the pasture and all the new weeds that are available for grazing.

We are still giving Edward his meds. He hates the pill. I fight with him each morning to get that big honking tablet down his throat. He hates his Bio-Sponge paste, gags, slings his head from side to side and then runs to the water trough to drink. He loves the Pro-Bios. He will attack you for a taste of that. He is still having some diarrhea. We are waiting for goatie pellets any time now.

We have started giving the guineas a small amount of white millet seed. Hopefully, if all goes well, when they are adults they will be enticed to roost in the barn at night. That is the theory anyway. We will keep you posted. Evidently, guineas can't turn down the seed. So far they act like we will chop off their heads each time we walk by the brooder or speak to them. They are eating well and growing so fast. Just skittish.

The turkeys are growing and acting like turkeys. They are friendly and come whenever we go near the garden. I know they are destined for Thanksgiving dinner but I really like the turkeys. I have to keep telling myself they have a destiny. But we will keep 2 hens and 1 tom. Does anyone know if it is ok to keep split the chicken coop between the hens and turkeys. They will be kept separated by chicken wire. I don't want the turkeys to get black head disease from the chickens.

We tried to get a video of them fluffing up and gobbling. Whenever the camera was on they were quiet. Go figure. People say turkeys are "stupid" but I don't think so. They are cute. Awww.....

With the cool weather and work going on it just seemed like a good time to bake. The bananas were starting to go past and into getting brown. I hate to see them go to waste. This is my favorite recipe for Banana Carob muffins with pecans and flax meal. They taste so yummy. We even brought in several for our nursing unit. Tonight is our first night back from vacation. If you hear a thump tonight around 3am it is the sound of my head smacking the desk. Oh, I miss sleeping at night.

I guess since we can't halt the onslaught of fall we should just enjoy the cool days. At least it is good sleeping weather. Take care, much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Peggy said...

things are so busy at your place but looking good! The kid looks like Diva!

karl said...

those muffins look yummy

Beverly said...

Glad to hear my guineas are not the only ones who freak out when I go near them!! So far mine could care less about the white millet. So, the jury is still out on that idea!!

katiegirl said...

I just lost both my turkeys to blackhead. They were with the chickens though. I've raised chickens and turkeys together in the past, but this year it didn't work out. I'm really bummed because I also love turkeys!

Next year I will try to figure out a way to keep them seperate. Also, there's a product out there called Fish Zole you can give the turkeys if you notice signs of Blackhead. It's hard though, because earthworms can harbor the disease.

Kelly or Alex said...

Peggy-It is so good to hear from you.

Karl- Thanks, they are really good and very healthy. What a surprise!

Beverly-I swear they are terrified of us. There is no way we would ever be able to pick them up 5 times a day like the book "Gardening with Guineas" says.

Katie-Im so sorry to hear about your turkeys. I think we are going to keep them in the barn but seperated from the chickens. They will have their own run. That way they wont share common ground with each other. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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