Monday, August 24, 2009

Guinea Video

This is my first foray into using video on our blog. I tried using the link on the posting page and it took forever to download and then did not work. Thanks to Pam at and my 19 year old son Teddy this may work out. So this is a test, only a test, from Mainely Ewes Farm. Do not be alarmed if it doesn't work. Be very, very surprised if it does. The video is from the arrival of our beloved Guineas. Hope it works, hope you enjoy.

Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Anonymous said...

Alright! It did work! Those are some cheeping babies there.
I was going to tell you, that next to the embed there is a little round symbol you can click for options to enlarge the video and other things.
But you did a great job on getting the video on.
I enjoyed seeing all the little fellows.
Have a great evening.

Lisa T. said...

It worked great. They are so little---and loud!

Good job!


Beverly said...

Your guineas are very sweet. Don't close your eyes, though, they grow amazingly fast...and before you know it they will be unruly teenagers like mine are now!! Have fun!!!

katiegirl said...

We just got our first guineas a few weeks ago. Two males and a female (the owner had a hard time telling the sex apart). They don't hang around much, and are very skittish, so I'd like to get some keets one day so they're calmer.

I think you'll like them!!!