Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Turkey Love Come to the Farm

Yesterday Alex had gone to Home Depot, duh, to pick up some lumber to finish building the kitchen bookcase and spice rack. She pulled into the yard and I heard her yell, "Kelly, one of the turkeys is out". I put on my boots and headed outside. This lady was out in the pasture walking toward our toms.

She went all the way up to the fence to chat with the boys. They were in their best form. Turkeys can engorge their necks and face with blood turning themselves bright red. I guess this is an impressive act if you are a hen.

The were all handsome, preening, and puffing up for the lady.

When we got close to her she took flight across the field into the back pasture. My first thought was darn, I have to go catch her and trim the flight feathers on one side again. My next thought was, wait a minute, we only have 8 turkeys and all 8 are in the pen. The visiting lady was a wild turkey. She thought our boys were handsome. I agree with her. They are handsome. I never thought I would like turkeys so much. They are so sweet. Great birds to have.

Edward has finally finished his last tablet for coccidosis. I am still giving him his pro-bios. He loves it and attacks me for it. At least he doesn't gag and sling his head from side to side. Maybe we should start mixing meds at the hospital with pro-bios. At least it would taste better. I ordered giant meal worms to keep and feed to the chickens over the winter. I will post pictures tomorrow and tell the tale. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I have always wanted to raise turkeys, as well as peacocks, but have not ventured into that yet, just ducks and chickens for now. Your turkeys look so pretty! I have never thought about feeding mealworms to my chickens.. good idea! blessings,Kathleen

Beverly said...

Thought I would stop by for a visit this morning. After reading your blog a little more closely, I realized that you two are nurses (me too!!). Anyways, I love your turkeys, and have toyed with the idea of raising a few...but worried about cross contamination with the that chicken germs are a threat to the gobblers....and advice? Do you have chickens? We also have lots of wild gobblers around the area.
Have a great day!!!