Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Has Arrived

The harbinger of autumn has arrived. Each year they arrive in spring and leave in fall. Every year we are blessed to witness the departure south of the Canadian Geese. We hear their honking way before the eye can even glimpse these graceful birds in air. They appear on the horizon and slowly approach in their characteristic V pattern. Then they fly directly overhead.

I cringe awaiting the splat. So far it hasn't came. I don't know if geese even defecate while in flight. I know that sea gulls and herons both do. Never, ever stand under sea gulls. Never ever stand under sea gulls with your mouth open. Don't ever go to a wedding at the beach because you are a prime target. Keep these pearls of wisdom with you for future use. How did I ever get so far off of my topic? Anyhoo...back to the geese. I think these birds are so beautiful. The lead goose always knows the way. How do we know this? Ever flown as a goose before? I bet the other goose honking is saying, "are you sure this is the way? Did you read the map? Should we stop and ask for directions?" The smaller goose in the middle is saying "are we there yet? I have to pee." I can just imagine this conversation. I feel like I have heard it a million times before.

So long till next spring. Tell everyone we send our love.

We are picking up more color each day. The yellows and reds are still a bit muted. It won't be long before the colors are vivid and shocking to the senses.

This was my first time seeing the Eastern Bluebird in Maine. I rarely saw them while in Florida. A small flock of about 10 arrived and visited our new cherry trees. They didn't stay long. Just long enough to give me time to break out my camera. I'm glad they didn't linger. We have too many cats that will slap a bird from mid air and pop it into their mouth like candy. We don't put out bird feeders for that very reason.

Sunday the puppies and I took a walk to the top of the hill to take pictures. I wanted to get one of the farm in fall to put on the blog header. They had a great time playing chase and biting each other.

Emma would stop and listen when the geese flew over. I seriously question her as a retriever. I think she has to notice that the birds are IN THE AIR! Nope, that will come later. She is still a puppy.

Emma doesn't feel bad. Lucy didn't have a clue either. They would just stop and stare. Not up mind you, but just straight ahead. "Hey, did you hear that?"

"Yep, gotch ya, hahahahahaha....."

The End! Happy Fall everyone. Wishing you all peace, happiness and beautiful leaves. Much love and prayers, Mainely Ewes Farm.

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Country Girl said...

Awww, I am jealous of those pups. We had a lab for 16 years.