Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cooler Temps and New Sheep: Expectations

We awoke this morning to cool temps. The eye opener is the forecast. Cloudy with mix of rain and snow. I don't think so! We just bought this thermometer and it has a 14 day learning mode for forecasting. The temperature is correct, but the forecast was not. It was sunny and beautiful today. Those flurries will come soon enough. September is just too early.

Early spring we had a big burst of wind that took the animals shelter and tossed it over the pasture fence. In the mode of getting ready for winter it was time to re-erect it. What else would we do on the day that we go back to work? Tonight is our first night back after 2 weeks off. We are really going to be tired!

It took most of the day but it is cozy and nice inside. It will keep the animals out of the wind and snow.

Not a bad job. I think we did pretty good!

The last of the cabbage was brought in. Wow. The chickens love to finish off the big tough outer leaves.....

and play tomato keep away.
No job is complete until the ram Truffles comes by to help. He is very sweet and loving. He has been a wonderful addition to our farm. Not the best picture of him, he wouldn't let me get far enough away to make him look good.

Baby took a nice siesta under the trees. I suppose he could be considered foreman directing our activities today.

We will be taking a trip later this year to Illinois and visiting . We have been emailing back and forth with Terri Carlson about purchasing 2 ewes and another ram. She has some of the most amazing sheep. Her ram Caesar was chosen to grace the cover of the ISBONA calender for 2010. He has the most spectacular horns. This beautiful girl is Emily. She is a moorit grey horned ewe.

What a beautiful girl.

This is Cierra she is a black mouflan horned ewe. I am still working out the difference in color and pattern. I always go to Alex and ask questions. She really paid attention in sheep school to the genetics and patterns. I just got confused.

A close up, no makeup or hair products needed for this girl.

This handsome man is Echo. He will not be related to any of our ewes. What do you think of his horns? He is amazing. I'm in love and I'm not a ewe. The girls will be so awed by his masculine good looks.

Well, our farm keeps growing. Icelandic sheep are such impressive creatures. We have fallen utterly and completely in love with them. I think they are like potato chips. You can't have just one. This will be our first breeding season. The new ewes will come bred, we will bring Esther, Moriah, Elspeth and Carlotta in to breed with Truffles. Spring should be exciting.
Overwhelming but exciting. Wishing everyone the best. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm.


Anonymous said...

We still aren't too cool down this way. I can't wait until some cooler and less humid temps.
Great job on the animal shelter. Looks good.

All the sheep are so pretty and Truffles makes a very handsome photo!

Good luck on your new sheep. I can't wait to see the spring lambs!
Have a great weekend.

tonya fedders said...

Your new additions are gorgeous!! Wow, you picked some really nice ewes and that ram is gorgeous - I agree, your ewes will think he's hot!

katiegirl said...

Those sheep are great! And Truffles has a very cute face!

He's friendly now, but be wary come breeding season, especially towards the end of breeding season. He may get frustrated and take it out on you. I still try never to pet rams on the head at all, because they just can't help their hormones.

I can't wait to see your lambs come spring!!

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Wow! I wish I could grow cabbage that large! How wonderful. And as always your sheep are beautiful. With all of that long you spin any of it? I also enjoyed reading your profile...such a wonderful story. blessings,Kathleen