Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The List

The List

Each year we are more determined to be ready when winter rears it's white blustery head. We have taken to making lists of things that most positively have to be done before winter. Somehow the list keeps growing. As we mark one thing off and done, we add another. We occasionally find ourselves in the middle of a nor'easter and realize the snow thrower is not working. We got up this morning determined to finish a couple of things on The List. We started in the basement with putting together the stove pipe for the wood stove. Why can't this thing come already together? Every time I work with the metal I cut myself at least 2 times. Today I have 3 cuts and Alex has 2. After we got the stove pipe snapped together we had to drill a couple of holes to put the damper in.

Quite a dapper damper don't you think?

All together and ready to attack the stove.

It always looks simple but turns out to be a bit more complicated that they tell us at Home Depot. I know they cackle as we leave. But, we make it fit. Vise Grips and all is well. Yes it will go into the chimney darn it!

It took us a about an hour but the wood stove is together and sealed. Now it's ready for the first fire. We installed a pellet stove last winter in the basement. It just didn't heat the way we expected. It seemed to eat more pellets and the price of a bag of pellets just keeps going up. Wood prices seem to be stable. We traded the pellet stove for 4 cord of wood. We felt like we got a good deal and so did the couple we traded with. Barter, yes!

Last Saturday while we slept, Ted was down in the basement working on a surprise. We had discussed how nice it would be to have a wood chute through the back window and into a wood box. The wood could be easily loaded into the basement near the stove. We even picked up a few sheets of OSB and a few 2x4's. What a lovely surprise to wake up to. Another item off The List.

Next, outside for another item on The List. The sheep shelter that we put up again about 2 weeks ago took another flight over the fence and into the pasture. The augers just aren't keeping them tied down enough. It happened during one of our 3 night stretches. A storm came up, I was sleeping, and the shelter grew wings. Ted came in and woke me up to say, "I told you it wouldn't stay tied down. Now are you going to listen to me and use the pallets like I told you about?" After I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, stumbled into proper attire we went out with the tractor to drag the errant shelter back into the pasture. Alex, with the use of the wonderful tractor dug trenches along three sides.

Truffles and Baby made sure the shelter was in good shape. It's always nice to have sheep that are so helpful.

The trenches are completed.

We all worked to re-erect the skeleton of the shelter.

We took time out for sheep love.

Finally, the shelter is up, the inside lined with pallets and secured with wire.

Once again, the sheep winter shelter is up. It seems more sturdy. Only time and another wind will tell.

Ever heard of a bucket of chicken? How about a bucket of sheep?

We are filthy, tired and hungry. Another chore marked off of The List. Whew...... I've got one for you. How can you tell you are country? You go to the mail box and get all excited because your new John Deere Owner's Edition hat has arrive. WooHoo...I got my hat!

Very tired wishes that your list is getting completed before winter. Much love and prayers from Mainely Ewes Farm. Good night to all.


Lisa T. said...

Good for you! I love crossing things off my list.


Peggy said...

Geez I need a nap just reading your list and what you guys are getting done! Add get some rest and fun to that list! LOL

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Have you ever found that once you get something off the list, something else needs to be put on it? Such hard work you are doing, but so well worth it. It's all part of the farm life that we are blessed with. I just love those sweet faces of the sheep! blessings,Kathleen